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    Quote Originally Posted by Impulsebuyer View Post
    Cardstar is the company that is making applications for all the other platforms specifically for this, I emailed them recently and they said it could take up to 6mos just for the Andriod version of there app to hit the market, as for the Pre its not even a thought yet but will be in the future ...

    There applications are pretty solid considering you do not need to hang those stupid store cards on your key ring anymore when you have there app (I know CVS and other grocery stores are all on board) but as for boarding pass barcodes for airports (i recently saw a person scanning there ticket with there iphone) is still up in there air ...

    Sprint now has a Andriod version cell phone. It also has a bar code scanner. I scanned a bottle of Bud-Lite it said it was beer....Of course I knew that before I scanned it.
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    It's sad that when I'm out with my family and I want to scan a QR code, I have to borrow my 10 year old son's $29 texting phone (Samsung Exclaim with a 2 mp camera and Scanlife software preloaded). Scanlife is available for the Centro, Treo 650, 700p, 700wx, 755p, and 850 w(Pro). So much for my high tech Pre and cutting edge WebOs.
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    I was really hoping that they would have a way to scan bar-codes and QR codes, as I'm seeing them pop up alot more!
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    I think it has been mentioned earlier in this thread, but I'll repeat it . . . The program can be created, the question is if the camera on the phone can take a clear enough picture of the bar code to make the program work. Currently the camera doesn't do well with "close ups". There is another thread that discusses whether the camera can be fixed with a firmware update (I'll let you use the search function for that discussion).
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