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    I apologize in advance if this has been asked before.
    When I am web browsing on the Pre, sites like TMZ or PerezHilton, or many other blog sites, I can't seem to watch any videos. I sometimes see the capture of the video and the "Play" button, but when I click on them, it never plays. Is there a website that I could go for a simple download, like Flash to make it work? Or is this something that's just not possible on the Pre yet? Am I missing something?

    As always, thanks in advance PreCentral-ers.
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    Unfortunately, no. The site would need to have a link to youtube or something. Embeded videos do not work.
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    That's the word I was looking for, 'embedded files/videos.'
    K, thanks for the clear up, now I can stop obsessing about how to get it to work.
    Hmmm, what should my next obsession on the Pre be.....
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    Battery is a good one. Everyone's doing it.
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    You could start a thread about how upset you are there is no opengl yet, that's popular.

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