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    I have had my Pre for about 2 months now. It works great but I have a few issues regarding build quality. The volume button on the side is very loose now and it makes noises when you shake the phone. Also when I gently sqeeze the phone without the keyboard being out the phone gives alittle bit which it didn t do when it was new. Anyone else have thse issues also? If so will Palm cover it under warranty, since I have never dropped the phone or abused it in any way?

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    For the volume button, would maybe take it in and see if they can tighten that up.

    As for the giving part, that is the phone just loosening up a little bit, it happened on the first one I had, ended getting a gap that was about a millimeter and I could tap out morse code on it, that was my release day phone. Returned that and got another one that was worse. Was going on vacation and worked out a deal to have a new one shipped out and have the deductible refunded back to me since I was on a time crunch. The third one was perfect and tight, but started to loosen up from use. It will happen over time with the phone because they are essentially two seperate parts held together but a little.

    I would keep an eye on it and if it really gets back, it is under the warranty for hardware issues. Can go through Sprint and they will replace it.
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