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    Echo'ing while 'ON' speakerphone? (typo in the title)

    Do any of you have problems with echo'ing. I don't hear it on my end, but the person that I'm talking to hears it. So whenever they say something it echos back like a 1/2 second later.

    I have tested this by calling it from different phones and the problem still occures. Now If I turn the volume down , it corrects the problem. So I'm sure its probably caused by my mic, picking up the voice over the speaker phone.. hence the slightly delayed echo.

    Anyone else have this and what do you think?
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    It's a feature so you don't have to repeat yourself.
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    That happens to me too...there's I doubt a fix?
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    I get this with non speaker phone usage while using my airave. Weird thing is, it only happens when someone calls me, not when I make outgoing calls.

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