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    So I converted a DVD to a WMV to move onto my pre. Before I did that I updated my Itunes, not realizing v9.0 broke the connection between Itunes and the pre once again so I can't sync with itunes. how do I get the movie on my phone so I can watch it. I don't see a folder for "movies" when I use the media sync function. Help, I'm flying tomorrow would like the movie to work for my 4 hour flight! Thanks

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    think if figured out pre doesn't play wmv. awesome
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    First you need to convert ur movies to mp4 and second try creating a folder called movies o whatever you wanna call it but in usb storage after da if you converted the movie already just pass the mp4 movie to da movie folder and listo!
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    Ian, glad to see someone else on here from wvu :-)

    I have used DVD Catalyst 3, HandBrake and Cucusoft ipod video. Each of them are easy to use. Google them and download them and give them a try. Its been a couple months since i've uploaded a video but i think i remember handbrake working well. Hope this helps.

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    To get dvd's on to my pre, first I decrypt the dvd using dvd decrypter, then I format the decrypted file with handbrake using the iPhone/iPod Touch preset.

    It make take a bit of time, but it works for almost every dvd I have.
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