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    I'm on the phone and need to reschedule a meeting quickly. The other person suggests a date. How do I reschedule the meeting?

    I can't just "move" a meeting (would be nice to be able to cut or copy and paste it elsewhere). I have to edit in place. But when I edit I can't see what's available.

    I can't think of a way of doing this other than going to the proposed date and manually re-entering the event again, which is preposterous on any computing device, let alone a mobile one. Not to mention how slow it is to get anywhere while I'm making the other person wait on me. Maybe open mobile Gmail calendar?

    How do others go about it?
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    Tap the existing entry on your calendar to get the appointment setup menu. Then tap the date and time entry. Pick the new date and time from the menus, then back out of the calendar.
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    What sivan is saying is that while trying to pick a new date and time from the menus, you can't see your calendar, so you don't know what dates and times are free. You can't even open your calendar in another card to check that way.
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    Best way would be to page through your calendar for dates and times that are available, and then go back to to original appt and change the date and time. That's the way I've done it on every mobile phone I've ever owned. I don't really see how this is preposterous, especially on a mobile platform. You don't have a 1280x1024 screen to work with here, so it's hard to accurately drag appt's around.
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    It couldn't be too hard to implement a feature where you would find a free date first, tap and hold on the new date, and pick "Reschedule from..." on a context menu which would then allow you to pick your original appointment from a list. The original meeting would then automatically be rescheduled for you.
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    The quick fix would be to allow opening more than one calendar window.

    But I think holding the orange button and tapping the event should bring a copy/cut/paste menu and be able to cut and paste events as I'm moving between dates.
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    Well, within a day, you simply tap, hold, and drag. This will move the event's time up or down in the day.

    Between days, no so easy. I'd expect that they'd use the same approach as in the launcher: drag the event to the side of the screen and wait for the page to change. Clumsy, yes, but workable.

    While I agree with the original sentiment, the way I resolve this is to go into week mode and look at free times. I then discuss with the person I'm talking with. Once we agree, I go back to the event, tap on it, tap the "i" and then put in the new date/times.

    Seems to work.

    Not that there couldn't be improvements, but this is a big reason that the week and month views exist.

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