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    As a longtime member of the Landscape Keyboard world (Apache 6700 all the way toPPC 6850). the Portrait Keyboard was one of the reason i bought the pre. I probably wouldn't have bought it if it didn't have this keyboard (and yeah...I actually LIKE the keyboard on the pre).

    That said, with the damn super coolness of WebOS I would love to see a landscape keyboard and even a *GASP* fullscreen keyboardless one once they get the software keyboards running a little better.

    I never thought I'd say that

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    If the keyboard was a landscape slider, most people would probably try to default to looking at the screen in landscape view, to avoid having to spin the phone constantly. This would work well for some applications, but the most important part of the phone IMHO, the card view and launcher, do not work landscape and I doubt there is plans for that. Even if they did, the wallpaper would get all funky and stretched, cards that didn't support landscape would just look awkward. It would be a mess.
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    I don't see Palm considering a lanscape keyboard. They love the portrait keyboard, look at their past devices. A Treo was my first mobile device with a KB, and I've been extremely happy with the form and don't want a landscape keyboard, it just seems too wide.
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    Quote Originally Posted by StephenRD View Post
    Great point. My HTC mogul would take like 30 seconds to switch. Sometimes it never did. So i would have to default to the touchscreen keyboard, or look really weird turning my head to see the screen in portrait while typing in landscape.
    Don't remind me about that piece of junk. I couldn't wait to get rid of mine.
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    I'll be the lone supporter of a WebOS device with a landscape keyboard then... I've never gotten used to the Pre's tiny keyboard after the Mogul, Touch Pro, and Touch Pro 2. The problem with the landscape keyboards on those devices was all WinMo. A mobile OS that bothered being user-friendly might handle the landscape keyboard usage better so you're not waiting for the screen to rotate.

    I searched for a thread like this to find the likelihood of Palm making a landscape keyboard device, but it sounds like there's no market for it. Also, if they've never(?) had a landscape keyboard before, it sounds even less likely.
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    had a treo 650 and got tired of the small keyboard. I was excited when I went to a samsung with a slide out landscape keyboard, until I used it for a while and then I couldn't stand it. Keys were too far apart to type fast and you can't do it single handedly. Coming back to the Pre I feel happy again, but I will say that they keyboard needs to be slightly wider and not tucked into the frame as much. When I used the Pixi, I almost bought it because they keyboard was absolutely awesome. I was typing faster than I had ever done on a smart phone, but I couldn't give up a larger screen and possible flash.
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    actually the htc touch pro 2 has one of the best landscape keyboards to date(as said by professional reviewers)

    With hardware keyboards
    I actually prefer landscape because it's a lot more room to travel

    I love the htc touch pro 2 keyboard
    the droids keyboard
    all the env phones keyboard etc

    however I prefer all virtual and no hardware
    because i love all touch screen.
    I dont really like hybrids however all of verizon touchscreen only phones suck and the one i actually like is an iphone but hate AT & T

    i like the rotating screen idea mentioned above
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    i dont like that too
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    Now that HP has bought Palm why not make both a lanscape and a wider portrait phone. I never was into the small form phone craze. You noticed all the top phones are going bigger. Palm has to do more than release pre/pixi type phone once a year per network.
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