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    just in case anyone was wondering
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    Of course it did, it was always slated to go online tonight. Choppy, but works. How about the game just going into over time!!!!
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    mine was choppy as well. I had a full signal, and started to get a little frustrated. It's bad enough I have to struggle to hear the game in my headphones at work, but then it keeps cutting out? I had a better experience with nfl mobile on my instinct, and i hated that phone.
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    The choppy audio was better than nothing but I hope it gets better as the season goes on...
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    I agree. The streaming needs improvement.
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    Was choppy here as well. Made it frustrating to listen as it always seemed to happen right in the middle of the plays. Heh, go figure.
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    Choppy all across the board. Prolly weren't expecting sooo many people to use it openning night
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