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    My battery drains ridiculously fast because reception isn't so great at my work. It constantly is fighting for a signal. To my surprise i asked my friend if he had the same problem and his palm pre has a better signal which barely drains his battery at the end of his shift, and we work in the same area. I find this very puzzling because my pre is a newer build than his and i have no issues with is that possible? Is my pre malfunctioning signal wise?? It works fine everywhere else except at mt work. Anyone that can shed some light on this would be fully appreciated.
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    There's several possible explanations.

    You say same 'area' but do you actually work in the same building? The construction of some buildings can cause a lot of interference. Also, if your building has a lot of equipment running in the RF spectrum (radio tower, super-high-powered wifi, etc) it's possible that your problem is radio interference.

    The other possibility, which is a LOT less likely, is that your Pre is defective. However, I doubt it because it's only happening to you at work.

    Chat with your coworkers and see if any of them have a sprint phone, and see if they have reception problems.
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    I did check with them and we all work in the exact same area...the phone works totally fine anywhere else thats whats strange to me. thank you for your quick response.
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    Couple things you could try, exchange batteries for the dayand see if it a defective battery. Grab both phones and leave them on your desk or work station to see if they drain the same. Check the settings on your phone to make sure they are the same as your friends. I run into the same issue with a few coworkers...we sit about thirty feet away and my phone drains quicker since I am in the middle of the room and can't find a good signal while they are off to one of the sides and get a little better signal. I have figued out that I have more wiring and stuff running above me which kills my phone, nicknamed it the EV wasteland. Test it out and see what the causes are, then go from there.
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    ill give that a try its just so frustrating
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    Did you place the phones side by side and check the signall to see if they are the same at the same time? Also if the phone is brand new, the battery will get better after a week or so of FULL charges. I also could not agree more on th RF noise. It could be as simple as a bad floresent light or a faulty computer part. If all else fails and none of the above check out, take the phone back or get a new job. The exchange might be the easier choice.
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    I did check it side by side and he had full bars while i had 2 to 3 fluctuating....
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    Try opening phone dialer, top left corner hit Sprint drop down menu. Go to preferences, scroll down to Network and see if you are on Automatic. If you are change it to Sprint Only. This made a world of difference on my Pre battery life.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hawaiijedi View Post
    I did check it side by side and he had full bars while i had 2 to 3 fluctuating....
    If the phones were literally side by side, and there was that big of a difference in signal, I'd say there's something wrong with your phone and you need to take it to sprint.
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    maybe your right its just strange that its only acting like that at my work

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