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    So I've spent all day at Sprint or on the phone with Tech Support and am looking here for some answers!

    I recently received a brand new Pre as a replacement after stumping the techs at the store, but when the phone boots up, there is no "EV" in the top right, so I am not able to log into my Palm Profile. I was told there was some sort of hold on all activation of Pres at the moment so I should wait a while and the "EV" will show up, but it hasn't come up yet! Any ideas? Thank you!
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    Try turning the wifi off, if its on that is.
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    Nothing is on!! Haha. This is the first screen that pops up when I turn on the phone -

    Please log in...

    so I try to log in...

    then "Sign in failed" ! AHHHH
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    I had this happen to me with two of my pre's... I did two hard resets, and then took the battery out and waited about an hour.. took it to the sprint store... put the battery back in and it worked fine.
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    hm... I don't know then. Mine failed the first attempt, but worked on the second one, not that that helps you in any way. They could be right about the hold I suppose.
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    That just means that it's not getting a data signal from Sprint. Most likely because your line hasn't been provisioned for it, or it's in the process of being provisioned.

    I don't think it's an issue with your particular phone. Just your line.
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    There is also a back log on provisioning today, so you may have to wait longer to actually see the EV on the screen.
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    There is also a back log on provisioning today, so you may have to wait longer to actually see the EV on the screen.
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    I'm having the exact same problem. Just got mine replaced yesterday, and having gotten an EV signal for more than 4-5, combined.

    And now I've finally gotten the dreaded yellow spot onscreen too. It popped up this afternoon, and is here to stay.

    I'm...kinda right at the breaking point. Honestly.
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    Do this if you know the MSL code: From the emergency dialer type ##786 and scroll down, press reset and follow the steps. Once the phone reboots EV should work like a charm. It hasn't failed me yet! I think this is fixed in the 1.2 update.
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    these guys are right, i work in a sprint sales/service corportate location, and sometime it takes a while on replacements, whether new or refurb, to pick up an EV signal to enable you to sign in. It all has to do with provisioning. the only fix is to wait for it to pick up a signal. A ##RTN# wont fix anything if the data hasnt provisioned on the new device
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    As said already, it is a provisioning problem. I had to have a re-provision of my phone last night and the EV quit working. I didn't realize it at the time, because when I got home I connected to wifi. Then again when I left today, I couldn't connect to the EVDO network. I spent hours on the phone with 2nd level tech support. Finally tonight, the rep thought it was my phone, so she do a complete restore. And like you, when I got back to the Palm Profile signing screen, I couldn't get past it because I didn't have EVDO, or Wifi. So now I'm stuck until the provisioning system gets fixed. 2 different techs have told me that they expect the fix to be done by 6:00 am eastern. So hang tight a little bit longer. It should self provision in the morning.
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    Hey guys, I'm new to the forums, but I just wanted to let you know that I just got my Pre on the 9th and tried to activate around 3:45pm ET. Unfortunately, I am stuck at the same screen and the tech guys said what you guys are saying. Provision problem. So, I'm in the same boat. Just thought I would add an extra person to the list. I can't wait to actually get a working Pre!! haha. What bad timing on activating for a new phone
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    7:53 EST and still no EVDO. Awesome.
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    you need to type in ##786#
    and then enter your device code that the sprint rep provides.
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    He's rigjt. When I got my refurb the Sprint reps had trouble getting EVDO working, so I used the##786 method, got it working, and they were delighted.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mikah912 View Post
    7:53 EST and still no EVDO. Awesome.
    Same here. I still have no EV-DO.

    This is crap.
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    The 786/MSL reset did NOTHING. I have my MSL. Just reset it 15 minutes ago. I'm done.
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    Wow that sucks man.
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    Man I had the EXACT same issue two days ago and I still can get my Palm Profile to reload on my phone

    I called tech support for palm and the level 2 lady just *****ed at me the whole time! When I got my replacement I had no EV support and tried many different things to get it to work. I hope I get my contacts back, it suckkkkksss not having them. Plus I have to return my replacement phone as it has a faulty keyboard and tons of light leaks through the screen.

    Man, I really like this phone but these issues are pushing me to the edge too...I really hope this goes away soon
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