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    Quote Originally Posted by mikah912 View Post
    The 786/MSL reset did NOTHING. I have my MSL. Just reset it 15 minutes ago. I'm done.
    right. A ##RTN# only fixes the problem if the phone initially failed to activate itself. It will not fix the problem if your data has not provisioned.
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    It's okay. I'm just killing time until the Hero drops. I hate this phone now.

    WebOS is a nice operating system that will probably be the best on the market, bar none, when it is finished by Palm. The Pre is a hunk of junk (brand new replacement three months later has yellow spot and slider/battery/reset problem in spades). I had a Samsung Instinct S30 before this that I actually dropped on concrete, put in my pocket with no shield, and carried with no cares. The screen and case had scratches, but the resistive touchscreen and the rest of the phone kept working perfectly. Never even a skip.

    I've never had a worse hardware experience than I've had with the Pre, and I had a Sprint Moto Q! Since then, had a Centro, touch Diamond, and an Instinct S30. Each had LITTLE quirks here and there. Nothing as nightmarish as my experience with the Pre.

    I HATE this phone. Hate. hate. hate.
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    its funny to me, people either love or hate the phone but everyone loves the OS.

    I agree though, the phone itself (hardware) really dropped the ball. I know not every has had problems and every phone will have issues when it comes to hardware, but it is just a bad impression on me being a first time Palm user.

    But the OS is awesome, but it is in its infancy and I paid a lot for the phone so I am not going to just give up and switch
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    I think instead of waiting for this provision problem I'm going to just go to a Sprint store and see if they can do a force on the activation for the data. As a new pre user, going three days without a phone is just messed up. This issue shouldn't take this long to resolve. I'll let you know what happens.

    Let us know if you guys having the issue get the data working again.
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    This happened to me when the rep at the store forgot to add the new phone to my existing account.

    Is that a possibility?
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    Quote Originally Posted by inrelief View Post
    This happened to me when the rep at the store forgot to add the new phone to my existing account.

    Is that a possibility?
    Well, they checked everything on the account and said it was all put in correctly. This is a new Sprint account for me. My phone works, I can make calls, just can't get passed the Palm Profile Creation screen. The data never pushed through because of the outage when the phone was activated the first time. So, either I am in a huge line with other phones going through the activation process or the provisioning issue isn't resolved. I have no clue...
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    Does anyone know if the provisioning issue is fixed? I have the exact same problem on my Asurian replacement phone that arrived this morning.

    I've been on the phone with Sprint Tech Support for 30 minutes with no results. They weren't aware of the problem.

    I tried the reset with my MSL and it still doesn't work.

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    well i called sprint last night and got advanced technical support and we did EVERYTHING and the EV won't come back, just 1X so i got past the restore and everything. the guy on the phone and the lady at best buy today said the same thing: provisioning is messed up right now. they both feel the new any mobile to mobile feature is also playing a part in this too, so just stick it out and see what happens. i miss my EVDO just as much as you guys !
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    I'm pretty sure I am having this issue since the 10th. Anyone have any updates?
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