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    Why is file coaster number of apps less than Homebrew apps on precentral? Homebrew on precentral showing 204 and filecoaster showing 198. Thanks
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    some of the apps in the homebrew area can only be installed by rooting your phone, so filecoaster can't install them so i'm guessing it does not show them. but then again, i stopped using file coaster b/c i found preware to be much better so i don't know for sure, but i think thats what it did when i used it.
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    I noticed this a while ago, but when checking Filecoaster a few hours later or maybe the day after I notice the number eventually goes up.

    Considering there's a field that specifies whether or not your Pre requires rooting, I think there's just a delay between the time a developer submits his app to the homebrew gallery, it's recognized and added to the homebrew portal, and is then finally implemented into Filecoaster for easy download.

    That's just my guess, though.

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