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    I have EVERYTHING in place, but when i got to install filecoaster it says "connection refused" "no device found"

    WTF am i doing wrong?

    i followed ALL the instructions...
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    someone please help me with this, how do i get the installer to recognize my phone?
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    did you turn dev mode on your phone on?
    list everything you did so that way we can see where you went wrong.
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    dev mode is on, i followed everything step by step... my comp just wont recognize my phone.

    i downloaded everything i need, i put it in "just charge" mode

    when i hit install, i get the error. is there a setting on my computer i need to change?
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    restart your computer so novacom will start.
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    you don't need restart ur pc to novacom start what you need to do is go to start----my computer right click manage----services and applications choice services and look for palm novacom and start if its stop!!!
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    wtf... palm novacom is nowhere to be found
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    Quote Originally Posted by akshun_j View Post
    I believe there are a lot of assumptions of technical expertise on this forum, as well as some directions that are simply unclear. If I may be so bold, here are the precise steps I followed. Windows XP SP3 system, and of course I have the Pre with the latest OS.

    1. I downloaded and installed the latest version of Java. Mine was WAY old. Just go to this page: How do I test whether Java is working on my computer?
    and it will tell you if you have the latest version or not. If it says update is available, just scroll down and download/install the latest.

    2. I downloaded the Sprint version of Webdoctor. Here it is:
    I downloaded it into a folder on my desktop called "pre", and then I renamed the file to "webosdoctor.jar", obviously without the quotes.

    3. I downloaded WebOSquickinstall. Here it is:
    I downloaded it into THE SAME folder on my desktop called "pre".

    4. I downloaded the filecoaster app. Here it is:
    I simply saved this file on my desktop. No folder.

    5. I put my Pre into "developer mode". The process is detailed here:

    6. I plugged my Pre into my laptop, selected "Just Charge" on the phone when prompted, then let Windows discover all the hardware. Windows then prompted me to reboot. I rebooted.

    7. After reboot, I opened the "pre" folder on my desktop and double-clicked the WebOSquickinstall.jar file. It asked me if I wanted an emulator or USB connect. I chose USB connect.

    8. I was presented with the main WebOSquickinstall screen. I simply dragged and dropped the filecoaster idk file onto the main WebOSquickinstall screen. It "added" the app to it's install list automatically.

    9. Finally, I plugged in my Pre (chose "Just Charge" again), waited for a moment, and then clicked the "INSTALL" button on the main WebOSquickinstall screen. For about 20 seconds, I watched the install dialog, and then it disappeared, along with the filecoaster info on the main screen. I exited the program, disconnected my Pre, and scrolled down on my Pre to find the filecoaster program. SUCCESS!!!

    Hope this clears up some things for folks. I am a complete Windows illiterate as I've been using Linux for nine years now. So, take it from me, if *I* can do this in about 15 minutes, you can!

    --Akshun J
    i followed this step by step...

    tell me where i get the palm novacom
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    it is a part of webosdoctor (but DONT start webos doctor b/c you might erase your pre if you do) that if you put it in the right place when you installed webos quick install it should have installed novacom for you (unless you have to follow the extra steps that is outlined in other threads on this forum). re-read the preware MAIN stickied thread and the wedos quick install thread and see if that helps you!!!!
    here is the quickinstall thread that will tell you EVERYTHING you need to know with links to how to get it to install
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