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    I after the update, I will "tweak" my phone's definitely worth it. It's my opinion that Palm is "dragging" on those features b/c they're available to us through tweaks, and therefore we won't see those features on any updates anytime soon.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jupiter600 View Post
    see post #7

    what bike u ride?

    It's an 05 GSXR 750. Track only. You ride?
    There is no spoon
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    So I had this problem too, I did the installing the 4 files thing but now I have a new problem/question... once I get a txt now it has that 1 line preview thing on the bottom of the screen for a sec and then its just the little convo bubble on the bottom right letting you know there is a txt.... well before this whole issue happened if i tapped the icon it would pull up that 1 line preview again and then if i tapped the line it would open the messenger app... well now instead of pulling up the preview once i tap the icon, it only pulls up that persons contact picture? and ideas?
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