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    sprint is having network issues in my area and my replacement pre has 1.0 on it so is there a way to update using my mac so i can sync with itunes?
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    If you have WIFI, you can download 1.1 through there.

    What version of iTunes do you have? The recently released version 9 breaks iTunes syncing. Any version before 9 will work with 1.1.

    Good luck...
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    i have 8.2.1 so im good lol and im surprised that this pre has a more solid build than ANY of the other pres ive had (4 others) and its an older one lol. hopefully i can go for a walk with my friend and find a wifi point (:
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    also you could use doubletwist.
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    I'm confused... what exactly are you trying to do? WebOS updates over-the-air, so your computer isn't involved. 3G or wifi, the Pre will download the update over either. It's the Pre you need to update, not the Mac.

    Edit: sorry, didn't see that you're having network issues. Does you Mac have an airport card? If it does, you can create a ad-hoc network with it. Open up the Network pane in System Preferences and enable internet sharing, then hit the airport menu to create a network.

    Another option is to download the current WebOS doctor from Palm and use that to wipe your phone. It will install the latest 1.1 build fresh. I wouldn't do that unless you haven't customized anything yet, in which case you don't have much to lose.
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    well i ended up updating via wifi that i found right near my window lol, thanks for all the help guys!

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