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    I just noticed that wirefly has the Pre for new subscribers for $99.99 and an instant rebate, it's $139.99 for renewals. Even though Sprint just dropped it to $150 it's still $10 cheaper. Not sure if this is new or what, just thought I'd share.
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    I'm sure its new. Wirefly is always a little cheaper. Well not always, but most of the time
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    Tis true. Not bad. No freakin rebate either.
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    While it is the method that they have chosen to do business, I have trouble supporting a business in today's market that will not price match even themselves.

    I am within the return period, seeing as I just purchased it 7 days ago. Baring some of the horror stories I've seen online, I'll get my money back. I'll be able to purchase the phone again at the lower price. But, they will not just adjust the price for those within the return period.

    It just seems like bad business to have to take the phone back and ship out a new phone, they pay for shipping both ways. On one hand, the slider started coming loose after 2 days. On the other, its not NEARLY as bad as others have experienced.
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    I just purchased a Pre from and paid $139.99 with NO mail in rebate... Mine was a contract extension (I still had a year left) and that price posted on their account last night (I've been checking their price since the Pre was announced at $149.99 on the Sprint website)... definitely a great deal!
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    I think I found this thread a little too late to help, but I'm happy with mine well enough for the moment anyway. Those deals should help afford the Touchstone and other accessories, eh?

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