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    Hey folks. I am a NPR junkie and wondering if there is an app that can stream the main magazine shows, such as Morning Edition and All things considered. Since NPR pulled the two shows off of their "offered podcasts", the only way someone can listen to them is either on an iPhone with NPR Addict or on a computer streaming it.

    Is there a work around or app that I am missing to stream the shows on the Pre? I tried going to, but it requires flash and is something I don't know if the Pre supports.

    Any help or ideas will be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time.
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    Thanks Dagmar, will give it a go.
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    I too would love an app that streams npr.
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    are you looking for a live stream, or just those shows?

    there are npr stations on shoutcast- i listen to the kcrw simulcast from time to time.
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    I often just listen to the live stream from my local NPR station, which runs both ME and AtC:

    Listen Live | Radio | WHYY

    Choose the "Real, iTunes, Quicktime, Winamp" option. At the moment it goes to:

    But I'd use the link, since that raw IP address may change (?).

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