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    So, my Pre recently has started turning itself of randomly and shutting down without my knowledge. Also, like other people around, when they close the slider the phone will turn off also.

    I have reseated the battery and reset the phone etc... is there anything I didnt do? I do have homebrew apps on phone, non rooted, would that cause an issue and if so should I use webdoctor to erase everything and start fresh, I have no issue with that since everything like pics etc is backed up or I moved the folders to my desktop

    Anyhelp would be greatly appreciated
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    It's a known hardware issue. Go to a Sprint store and they will exchange the battery. (with one that fits tighter)
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    Having same issue daily and suspecting a hardware problem, since this happens with both the stock and Seidio battery. Also seems sensitive to charging. Just waiting to find the time to go to Sprint's repair center.
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    No Problem with charging here just the other thing listed, will go to sprint tomorrow

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