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    what I'm saying it, if you have a Pre, and no iPod, and you use iTunes to manage music, maybe(if you don't download music like most of the world) your going to buy a song from iTunes, or buy a movie, or something, there's no down side to letting the pre sync, the only problem i can see is that the pre is read as an iPod, which im sure palm and apple can fix in a simple update.
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    Who cares, Winamp syncs just fine
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    My main reason for using iTunes (other than being a former iPod user) is its foreign character support, which Winamp severely lacked back when I made the switch; as far as I know, it still does... Haven't really checked).

    Never really pay much attention to the whole sync debate because I'm not constantly updating my music. And if I should happen to need to do so, I just hold back on updating til the sync issue is fixed again.

    I do see how it can be a problem for the average Pre user who isn't intently watching PreCentral for the latest development in this seemingly neverending debate...
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    Who cares. I hope Apple breaks the sync again after 1.2. It will just force Palm to fix it again. Palm is not going to release a new webos update just to fix the sync so there are bound to be other fixes or new features as they re-enable itunes sync.
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