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    I am subscribed to a google calendar (a soccer schedule. It is read only.) and it shows up on my pre fine except for a few dates show as repeating appts when they are not.

    I have the same calendar on Thunderbird/Lightning and on my google web based one and they all show correctly. Only the Pre brings in these dates incorrectly. I can't just delete the dates as I don't have editing rights to the calendar. I have tried deleting and resubscribing, but always the same result. There are 3 other Google calendars with no issues.

    Any ideas?
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    Yeah, wait for webos 1.2 to come out sometime this month, it will have quite a few calender fixes, it should be out by next week.
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    I have installed 1.2 and I still have these annoying calendar entries. This is a public calendar that I have subscribed to (My kids Soccer Team Schedule). For some reason, the Pre interprets several entries of the Google calendar as custom repeating entries when they are single day events. I can look at this calendar online with the Pre and it is fine. No other program I have shows these as repeating except for the Pre.

    Anyone have any ideas or is anyone else seeing this? I can post the calendar link if someone wants to see if this happens on their phone.

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