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    I need some help.... I was able to sync music to pre via itunes library when I first got my pre, however it did not give me the option of picking the songs I wanted instead it synced all my library. Now I'm trying to remove songs but when I plug my pre into my pc and use the USB sync, open the music folder it will not allow me to remove the songs. the only option I have it to delete the song and it deletes it from my itunes library rather than just the phone!! Does anyone know what i'm doing wrong and how to remove the music from JUST the pre and not my library??

    Thanks, Laura
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    Just create a playlist with the songs you want. thats what I did and it works fine! as far as removing it from the pre I just hit restore and it deletes everything off the pre and you start fresh
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    When you plug the pre into the computer and tap Media Sync, click on 'Palm Pre' on the left side of itunes and there should be an option the check saying something like 'Manually manage this iPod' or something like that...if you check that box it should let you move music back and forth freely!

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