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    Hey All,

    I returned my Pre last night and got a replacement one. This was a Pre that I had since the launch date, so I was actually pretty happy it lasted this long with all the issues been going around! haha

    But anyways, I did a restore to my Palm Profile, needless to say, it didnt work.

    But I think I figured out the issue at hand. When I first did my profile, I entered in the wrong password, and got it right the second time around. This created two profiles for the same name.

    I looked on Palm's website and saw that I had two profiles, with only one active. I want the old profile that was used on my phone I just returned, is there a way to switch back to the old one and delete the new one? I know I probably have to call a Rep from Palm, but has anyone had a similar problem like this? I really need all my old contacts back...

    Thanks for any help!
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    any help!?!?
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    You will need to delete the new profile and make sure that you change the S/N: on your original profile to that of your new phone. You will probably have to call Palm tech support as I did because this process really doesn't work as seamlessly as it should.

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