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    Had my Pre for 3 weeks now. I love it.
    Installed a few tweaks (4x4, etc) in the 1st day. Everything was fine until 3 days ago...when my Pre became very slow with certain things....When apps open, it takes 10 times longer now to load.
    Email is now crawling....I have 4 accts set up, one being Exchange. It was working fine until 3 days ago. Now when I open an email, it takes 1 minute for the email to actually open. I can see the heading, but not the body of the message for a minute!! The # of emails unread now takes minutes to be corrected once you delete emails...

    PLease help. Re-booted several times and change....
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    Mine does that too sometimes, usually when I try to mess with stuff and a whole bunch of emails come in at the same time. One of my customers likes sending out joke emails in batches of about 10 to 20, and when one of those come in while I do other stuff, the phone slows down as you described. I also got a "Phone Offline" message in the upper left hand corner where it usually says "Sprint". But all this stuff is usually fixed after a soft reset.

    Have you tried pulling the battery? If all else fails, back up things that the Palm Back Up does not include like pictures and stuff like that and to a complete reset. One thing that is also not being backed up are your browser bookmarks (that's supposedly included in the 1.2 update), so be sure to write those down before you do a complete reset.

    You do this by going to Device Information -> Reset Options (scroll down) and then pick your poison. I suppose you could start with a Partial Erase.

    Hope this helps.
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    Having same issues.. Had Pre since Launch.. just started lag this week.. Have not done any rooting..
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    Looks like our Pres know the 1.2 update is coming and have their funny way of showing how much they want it! lol
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    Do what I did, back up all your pics, audio, etc. files. Take it to sprint, complain about audio problems. Ten minutes later you'll have a new one because sprint is not authorized to open the Pre.

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