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    something is wrong with my text messaging. I cant send or receive text messages.
    I get this when trying to send
    "Message failed to (number)
    Could not send your message due to a network error. Try again. (code:5)"

    When someone tries to send me a message, they get a message saying that I am not in service right nor or something akin to that.

    Is this happening to anyone else? Does anyone know why this is happening?

    I can send messages with google voice just fine.
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    I think last time this happened was because i forgot to pay the bill.
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    My sister who is on the same plan texted me. She can text (don't know about evdo since she has a dumbphone)
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    think its Sprint. My wife is on the phone with tech and her Instinct and my Pre are both not sending or receiving texts. I also cant call out.

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