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    So I am sure someone has discussed this somewhere at some point, but for all of the people needing local sync and all that jazz, I have another idea.

    Palm is VERY much trying to push and grow this idea of "living in the cloud". This tends to cause an issue for those people without Exchange, Gmail, or in the near future, Yahoo!. There are a couple of solutions.

    By giving wifi or local sync capabilities to everyone, such as with The Missing Sync, or PocketMirror, those problems can be solved in a sort of backwards-progress manner. This is a legitimate solution and I definitely believe the option should be there. But when I say backwards-progress, it's because this goes completely against Palm's vision of being completely mobile, and having everything existing in cloud, for easy access wherever you may be.

    I have another solution. "Palm Profile Desktop", or "Palm Desktop Sync", or whatever Palm decides to call it. EVERY Pre has a Palm profile. It's a very simple concept. Basically the Palm Profile Desktop will sync up (like iTunes does for the iPhone) with whatever desktop PIM you use at home, therein syncing it up with your Palm profile, moving you effortlessly into the cloud. I also would submit that making this an invisible process, a simply background application running in the system tray, would be the best option.

    Now having said that, I also think Palm should either add in to this application, or allow a 3rd party (more profitable and I think most likely solution) to develop an application for wifi sync of media only. Palm would obviously have to allow a company more deep access into the device, especially considering the security issues of remote mounting storage, which is why I also said the thing about Palm possibly making the app. I am sure if it were possible to have that access to the filesystem someone would have come up with an app or be developing one, but I find it unlikely, or else Mark/Space would have already done it.

    So my suggestion is to perhaps have this idea submitted to Palm. If they reply back and say something is already in the works (which I honestly find EXTREMELY likely) then we will at least know that and know to look forward to it. If not, then they will then at least have their hands on the idea, and it will be out there.
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    i wish palm would let us know what its doing as far as updates etc.
    always wonder why they dont?
    some sort of developer blog.
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    Agreed. Like I said before, you would think they would surely already have SOMETHING like this in the works right? It would be so easy for them to do. And that is a little annoying that they don't keep us updated on what is in the works. It's a little too Apple-like for my taste.

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