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    Quote Originally Posted by SteveChiller View Post
    those Pres have 3 buttons.
    I noticed that too. I think its the light on in the gesture area. I thought the Pixi had a center button at first because the light in that poor video was on.


    Plans now say
    "Any Mobile, Anytime: Unlimited domestic calls from the Sprint network to and from ANY U.S. mobile phone regardless of carrier. Any network, any time. "

    I think Sprint really has it going now, They have the network, they have the phones (Pre, Pixi, Hero, BBs), and now they have by far the cheapest plan available. I think lots of people will move on this. My wife loves the Pixi.
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    Sprint defnitely hit a home run on this to pull in new customers.

    I think with unlimited data and sms, 'most' people don't even do much voice calling nowadays, so might as well give away the farm. (unlimited network calling)

    There was a study with voip unlimited where most households only average 300 minutes/month or so...(landline). --so while everyone wants a safety net unlimited, most don't even come remotely close to hogging it all up

    Brilliant move on Sprint Marketing
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    i wonder if google voice will be considered a mobile number ?
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    Great news! This just took my 450 minutes and made them thousands! Nice job Sprint!
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    Quote Originally Posted by SteveChiller View Post
    those Pres have 3 buttons.
    Wondering if those pre's are a hint of what's to come...
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