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    If my display is off and I get a notification, the screen comes on for a couple seconds and goes off again before I have time to pick up the Pre, slide the unlock up. Is there any way to change/set the amount of time so I don't have to press the on/off button?
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    I've brought this up before, it's VERY annoying.
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    Well, you are supposed to walk, eat, debate with John and sleep with your Pre in one hand... always! Since I got the Pre (12 days), I think I let it rest 30minutes?
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    I would assume rooting would do the trick (or using webOSquickinstall to grab the file and edit it) but I don't know what file contains that info, maybe bar-assistant or something else...try posting in the dev forum? Not sure, but I would like this time increased too! Sorry I can't help more!

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