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    Does this happen to anyone else? When I plug my pre into my computer, i lose all internet connection. And then my network connections freeze up and i usually have to restart my computer? Does anyone have a solution to this problem?
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    Mine does that too its weird as hell. Do you have mytether installed? I think it has something to do with usbnet
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    yup, i blieve the radio is tied to the micro usb slot.

    so the more in and out you plug it in, it jacks up the radio

    (just my guess...but pretty sure I am right)
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    no i don't, it happend the 2nd i got the phone back in june. with nothing installed at all, and still happends now
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    my statement above has nothing to do with installing anything.

    it happens with plugging in and out a CHARGER as well.

    So my assumption is, the radio is tied there, and yes this is a design flaw
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    i don't really know what you mean by this, any idea on how to fix this? does everyone have this problem? it kind of defeats the purpose of being able to connect your pre to your computer if u lose internet connection.
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    Yeah, nothing we can do to fix.

    I believe its a design flaw, that's why the signal on this phone sucks compared to other sprint phones.
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    I don't have that problem. Nothing at all happens to my computer when I plug the Pre in. With wifi or not, USB or charge everything is fine. With charge I have the internet on the Pre and the computer.

    Sounds like your computer doesn't like something about your Pre not the other way around.
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    sounds like what happend to me with my HTC Touch Diamond, tried to tether and it would freeze my computer and device, had to reset both. Would work fine in Mass Storage mode though. Maybe its a driver issue, what OS are you running?
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    mine does this sometimes.. sometimes it does not. very frustrating though.

    mine lately hasn't been charging when i plug it in before i go to bed. nothing like waking up to 10% battery and having to leave for work. grrrr

    not sure why. if i unplug and plug it back in then it works usually. hopefully the problem doesnt get worse.
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    This happens to me, it was very frustrating but I realized it only happens when I am attempting to charge from a device that is connected wirelessly. It does not happen when the computer I am using is wired. Maybe this will help someone.

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