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    I have some bad news folks. Palm has told me that they will not allow my music player NaNplayer into the App Catalog at the current time.

    For those that aren't familiar with NaNplayer, here are some demo videos and articles about it.

    [url= - BlubbleApps's Channel[/url]


    [url= another music player for your Palm*Pre - all things Palm Pre - PreThinking[/url]

    [url= App Preview: NaNplayer[/url]

    [url= for webOS first third-party media player for Palm Pre -> TamsPalm[/url]

    The app's features include...

    - Full custom playlist creation and editing. Users can create playlists from lists of songs, albums, artists or even genres. Users can import sideloaded playlists for use in NaNplayer through a very simple process. Once imported, the sideloaded playlists can be edited.

    - Dynamic Criteria Playlists. Users can create dynamic playlists based on artist, genre and other criteria. For example, if a users creates a dynamic playlist for the Rolling Stones, the playlist will automatically update anytime they add or remove songs by the Rollilng Stones to their phone. This works with sideloaded songs or those purchased from the Amazon MP3 app.

    - GPS Location Playlists. Users can save locations using the Pre's GPS features. They can then assign an existing playlist to a given location. This gives them one touch auto play of an assigned playlist when they are in that given location.

    - Bookmarking. Users can save their place in long lists of songs or in podcasts and audio books. The app will save a bookmark so the user can later continue playing from the exact time they left off.

    - Advanced Interface. The app allows users to control music playback using a variety of methods. In addition to standard on-screen playback controls, users have access to a slider scrubbing control for precise scrubbing within a song. There is also a list selector feature that lets users quickly access any song within a long "now playing" list.

    - Full keyboard controls. All playback controls are mapped to keys on the slideout keyboard. This has been a big request from the Pre user community.

    - Shake to Shuffle and Shake to Play features. This allows users to shake the phone to shuffle to a random song in a playlist or to a start a random playlist.

    - Multiple Skins. The app will include multiple graphics skins they can easily change. Eventually, the app will allow users to create and sideload their own custom skins.

    NaNplayer uses several webOS features including HTML5 databases, GPS lLocation, notification controls, accelermeter and others.

    Palm stated that they don't support music file indexing and consequently won't admit the app into the App Catalog. It doesn't seem to matter that the app is works just fine on the Pre and that it is substantially better than their pathetic stock music player in terms of features and performance. I guess you should stick to iPhone or other platforms if you want a decent music player on your phone.

    I won't spite the user community just because of Palm's decision. I will release NaNplayer to the Homebrew gallery once it is done. However, this will still leave most Pre users to get by with a music player that doesn't even let them create a playlist. However, I will slow the pace of development considerably. I can't continue to dedicate so much time to developing an app that may never be released to the majority of webOS users. In all likelihood, I will not develop any more webOS apps in the future.

    If you'd like to see NaNplayer in the App Catalog, let Palm know.

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    Are you serious?? Palm needs to step their game up, seriously. Their Player is severely lacking. IF you have a petition i will sign it for sure.
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    I for telling Palm what they are missing out on...
    Do yu have an ETA for the Homebrew??
    AWESOME JOB... from a talented person...
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    Thats crazy! Great job on the app
    There is no spoon
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    Honestly, I don't blame them for not wanting another music player in the app store. However, they should have offered to (temporarily) hire you to implement these changes to the stock player.
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    they don't support music file indexing
    I don't get it. They won't allow it because you index the music?
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    They are probably coming out with improvements and they don't mulitple music players out especally if is a paid app people might be mad
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    Like an old thread said, this app embarrasses palm. I'm gonna stick by apple on this one and use my ipod touch, and even that doesn't have many of these features

    a scrubber palm?!?!
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    What a dissapointment. I just emailed Palm regarding this. Hopefully if enough of us speak up we can turn them around on this.
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    And removing the indexing, does that cause a ton of issues with your app? That seems like such a dumb thing to reject an app for, but they did at least give you the reason for it, as dumb as it might seem, which is more than other platform vendors do.
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    The only reason is due to music indexing?! Is there ANY way to change it so that it is accepted?? This is total BS for all the hard work you put into it!
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    Yo Forget palm they are getting in my nervs ! With all this crap they are doing and there crappy updates

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blubble View Post
    Palm stated that they don't support music file indexing and consequently won't admit the app into the App Catalog.
    So are you using an undocumented/unsupported API, or are you using an existing API in an unintended way? Are they limiting only music file indexing, or file indexing in general?
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    Could you tell us more about your indexing, what it does?

    What features would you give up if indexing were removed?

    Why would Palm not want you to use indexing on music files?

    How does the built-in Music Player avoid indexing?

    - Craig
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    No offense, but I understand this since it looks so much like the included music app, and once they add features to that, it could be confusing.
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    Removing the index makes it not work at all. Their problem is that I used an undocumented API to read the music files. It is the exact same API that their stock player uses. I have heard of them allowing other apps to use undocumented APIs. It's a bull**** reason, but it's their party, so there isn't much I can do.

    Two months ago, I asked them if they would accept a third party music player and they said that they would. If I thought it would be a problem, I would not have wasted hundreds of hours working on it.

    I will definitely finish NaNplayer and release it as Homebrew if I have to. The whole reason i started it was to have a decent music player on the phone since the stock app is such utter garbage. Pre users deserve a better music player.

    However, I don't see myself developing any more apps for webOS. Frankly, the SDK is kind of a joke and it's now clear that Palm is not as open as they appeared to be. I will probably switch to developing for Android. The SDK is much more robust and they only reject your apps if they are malicious or buggy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by linkofhyrule007 View Post
    No offense, but I understand this since it looks so much like the included music app, and once they add features to that, it could be confusing.
    WHAT?! Take a look AGAIN.
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    It's a darn shame Palm lost such a talented developer at such an early stage of webOS.
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    Nah, I think I know the real reason. They made a deal with some other author to product a new music player already.

    Remember, on the Treo, the default music player was RealPlayer and the a third party author produced PocketTunes. And PocketTunes became the default music player.

    Maybe they have already committed to allowing PocketTunes to be ported over the Pre and the developer has just not had the time to finish his product.

    I don't remember if I asked if the developer of PocketTunes was considering make his software available for the Pre.

    So there maybe something like that going on here.

    It just doesn't make any sense to ban any music players. For playlists and indexing, I don't see any copyright stuff being involved with that.

    Just does not make any sense as an answer to be what's really going on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blubble View Post
    I have some bad news folks. Palm has told me that they will not allow my music player NaNplayer into the App Catalog at the current time. the current time...

    Seems like crying about it in a public forum isn't going to expedite the process for you.

    I'm sure it's a nice app and you dedicated a great deal of time and effort as a labor of love; but every kid who plays college ball doesn't get drafted.
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