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    I bet Sprint gives everyone unlimited minutes for whatever they are paying now. Also, Sprint will make the video camera on the Pre work. Ooh ooh oooh, and Sprint will also fix my phone's cookie problem.
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    Some info leaked Engadget reports that Sprint is making the 70$ plan Unlimited. Just lowered the Price of simply everything plan.
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    Yawn. With pick5 I already hardly use my 450 minutes. I guess I can swap out all the mobiles on pick5 to additional landlines. Not that big a deal though.
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    I would be happy with unlimited phone calls for Premiere customers.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MRBULLRED View Post
    is this a joke.... i already have unlimited m2m...
    it's any number any network
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    I work for Sprint so I found about all of the news first thing this morning. Unlimited Sprint/Nextel to any carrier in the U.S. but you have to be on the Sprint Network. If you're roaming it goes off your normal anytime minutes. No expired plans qualify. You need to be on 1 of 3 Types of Data plans: 1. Individual message data 450/900. Obviously Simply everything to go with that one. 2. Business Essentials Data plans. 3. Employee Referrals Data plan. Most employee plans don't qualify. I pay 45$ for unlimited data/texting, and 700 minutes. I don't get the unlimited mobile to any carrier feature. Might get it in the future as an add-on I suspect.

    The reason Palm dropped the 100.00 credit for jumping carriers in the same day they revealed it, is because of the 50.00 price drop for the Pre for any method of purchase. Upgrade eligibility made the device cost 199.99$ before, it is now 149.99$.

    READ: Make sure if you purchased the pre in the past 30 days call in and they will credit your account 50$ as a price match. Sorry, if you bought it more than 30 days ago, you're screwed.

    Yesterday it was announced on a Sprint Care page that the new Palm OS update everyone was talking about is now downloadable... Only to revoke that claim only an hour or so later without any known reason as to why. Or at least not that I have heard since then. I think Sprint was jumping the gun and didn't realize palm hadn't made their due date.
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