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    I am an almost 10-year veteran of Sprint and I bought my Pre on July 1 (as soon as my 22 months upgrade was available) for the $299 with the $100 rebate...and I was happy to pay it for this great phone. I knew that at some point, the price would go down, but I expected it to be after at least 6 months or more, not 3 months!

    So, I called up Sprint customer support and explained how I love the phone and knew that the price would eventually drop from the launch price, but wasn't happy that it was so quickly. After about 2 minutes of pleading my case with a very friendly tone, the customer service offered to give me a $50 bill credit! I didn't have to argue, didn't need to talk to a supervisor, didn't need to talk to retentions!

    As we have always seen, every customer service rep is different and you may not get a credit, but there is always a chance you will! good luck to everyone who tries!
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    I was told to go back to the point of sale because they were the ones to do the refund but they looked at me and said they knew nothing about it and would need to "look into it". Sprint customer service (*2) said it is sprint's policy and all retailers should abide by it.
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    I got mine on 08/01..I'll have to give this a shot! What could it hurt??
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    I got mine for $99 when Best Buy messed up, I bought it 28 days before best buy dropped it to $99 (for that 1 day) I went in and had them price match me.
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    Sigh. I got mine on 8/4. Won't be able to make it to a sprint store till monday to even ask if they'll bend it. I hope they will!
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    If you are past the 30 days, first try calling customer service. I bought mine at a 3rd party sprint store and phone cust service gave me the credit!
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    I got my Pre June 6 - they won't qualify me!

    (But who cares? I still have a great phone!)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Instigator187 View Post
    I got mine for $99 when Best Buy messed up, I bought it 28 days before best buy dropped it to $99 (for that 1 day) I went in and had them price match me.
    I did the same.
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    Thanks for post! Just called Sprint and got $50.00 credit on 7-1 pre purchase. Sprint customer care is really easy to work with.
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    I just called them they would not budge said I was outside the 30 days so no credit..
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    got me the credit too thank God ....woohooo lol
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    I emailed E-Care. I am not going to deal with Best Buy again after last time, no thanks.

    RJB try again.
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    I got my $50 credit....wohooo

    Talked to a rep., she put me on hold for about 9 minutes then came back on the line and said she has credited my account..

    I bought my pre on 8/1
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    emailed also. i hate calling them, you always talk to 3 different people (and hav to explain yourself to each one every time) and then you usually end up getting hung up on.

    well see. i got mine on launch day but hey ya never know!!!! i made sure to throw in an apple/iphone comment. That usually grabs attention!
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    Yes, it has been a wonderful morning here. Called and had any mobile to mobile feature added to all five lines and they gave me a $50 credit for the Pre price drop.
    If you feel that I have given you worthy advice please feel free to show your support. TY

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    what do you guys tell the customer service rep in order to get the credit
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    got an email first thing this morning from customer service also that they "cannot honor the credit" however as a "valued customer" they would give me a $50 "goodwill" credit!!


    Thanks to the original poster I would have never thought of this, and as much as I hate to say it, thanks to sprint customer service! that rocks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dkotoric1 View Post
    what do you guys tell the customer service rep in order to get the credit

    i told them that after all the trouble i have gone thru since day 1 launch of this pre (returning 3 phones) that this is just the icing on the cake, that everything has just pushed mef arther and farther away from sprint.

    also told them that why should new customers get the pre for cheaper, when we (original buyers from launch) are the ones that had to make several trips to the sprint store, to deal with defected phones, sitting on calls with customer service, etc. to deal with their problems with the pre.. we deserve the credit.

    worked out well good luck
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    Got mine 35 days it a try. Better give me my money!
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    Better not milk sprint too much. We might put um out of business. Haha
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