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    Just got my response:

    Thank you for contacting Sprint about the reduction in Palm Pre price.

    We keep on updating the price and color of the available handsets at
    regular intervals per our customer's demand, feedback and market survey.
    Following these, we have reduced the final price of the Palm Pre to

    I can see that you have activated the Palm Pre on July 9, 2009 .
    Unfortunately, we cannot credit the difference between the Palm Pre
    prices now and then. Any inconvenience is regretted.

    Thank you once again for contacting Sprint.

    Petrina J.

    Sounds like I got one of the infamous overseas customer support folks. Will try again during the week.
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    i've had my pre for about 2 to 3 weeks. i haven't sent my $100 rebate form yet, can I call and get the 100 as credit towards my bill or something?
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    Just called Sprint, went thru the whole story, about not waiting to buy Pre, but now seeing the price go down, not fair, etc.. Got the deal about, prices change all the time just the breaks.. bla bla bla. I purchased my 7.23.09

    At the end of the conv, she asked if I were to get a survey, has she done her best to resolve my issue. I said, well no, you were not able to get my purchase price in line with the current price. She said to hold on while she spoke to her superviser.

    She came back in less than 5 minutes, saying she WAS able to get approval for instant credit to my account for $50.

    Such an ongoing dog and pony show.. But as long as they keep makeing ME happy, I keep staying with Sprint..

    Thanks for the heads up here!
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    Quote Originally Posted by dianehelen View Post
    Such an ongoing dog and pony show.. But as long as they keep makeing ME happy, I keep staying with Sprint..
    I'm staying with Sprint because they have the best coverage and cheapest service available in my area (Hawaii).

    That should be the major consideration when choosing a carrier, everything else is gravy! With or without a rebate, I'm staying with Sprint!

    T-Mob and AT&T have better phones, but so far only Sprint has WebOS.
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    i was rejected on phone with cust service for the difference, i was rejected by email twice, i was told by the sales rep who sold me the phone he would check and get back (never did or course). I went ahead and mailed the MIR for $100 since i will probably get the run around until my 30 days are up and then ill be stuck paying an additional $270.24 on my bill.
    i dropped by the store today, asked for a manager, my rep happened to see me, said he got the credit approved, just had to wait for his manager to apply it, took my number (again, already took it when i asked him the first time) and said he would txt/call me when its applied.

    I told him i work down the street and get a lunch every day, ill be stopping by to check on it ever couple of days so i don't have to return the phone, he assured me it would be handled this week.
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