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    got mine on June 30th, I emailed but don't expect too much
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    Quote Originally Posted by danman_6 View Post
    just emailed Sprint today. I bought mine on 8/2. I'll follow up on this.
    Ok, so about one hour after emailing CS, i got a reply saying that they were unable to credit my account due to it being past my thirty day period. I was kinda shocked at this since i have been with sprint for five years as well as being a premier cust. (which i did mention in the email)

    So next step, i went to my local sprint shop today and spoke to a sales rep about it. Unfortunately, he told me the same exact thing that was on the email. At this point, I politly asked to speak with the manager, who quickly credited my account!

    Point is, if you have a decent enough reason, they cant really hold the thirty day crap up.
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    I have these kinds of "discounts" with other companies concerning various products. I have been contemplating making this request with Sprint. This thread gave me the extra nudge.

    About 45 minutes ago, I sent Sprint a polite email with a hefty amount of praises followed by my "concern" regarding the recent Pre price drop. Immediately before typing this post, I received a reply from Sprint outlining my Pre purchase date (July 18) and my good payment history. Of course, the next sentence was followed by, "I have applied a credit of
    $50.00 on your account for this price difference. This credit will
    reflect on your next invoice."

    This just adds to my continuing great customer service which I have always had with Sprint.
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    Just wanted to update everyone, I sent Sprint an email stating my claim. I just missed the 30 day mark by a day or two. I sent the e-mail last night and while I was out today, I was very pleased to see that they replied and said $50 would be credited to my account! I checked my account a little while later and voila.. $50! Woohoo! Huge thanks to the OP!
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    I had two issues. I needed to get my denied rebate approved and the 50 dollar credit on the phone I bought at launch. The first customer representative denied the 50, but after 15 mins of holding he transferred me to the rebate dept which manually validated the 100 rebate. I asked this rep to transfer me back to cus service. The next rep said no also so I asked for retention. After talking to retention for 5 mins they credited my account for the 50. The whole time took about an hour, but now I'm a 150 dollars richer. I love Sprint!
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    By the way guys, I've heard that Sprint has cancelled some people's plans for calling customer service too much. I'm a bit worried about this myself, as I had to call recently to fix a billing issue and just emailed about the $50 Pre credit.
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    I just received my email from Sprint confirming they were crediting my account the $50.00 and thanked me for contacting them and being a Sprint customer.

    My email was very succinct and to the point and no problems.

    Thanks, Sprint!
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    I called in and got the credit (purchase date = last week in July).

    The key for me was to be ultra polite, explain the case succinctly, refuse to take no for an answer and be friendly and humorous. (ps I wasn't being redundant- polite and friendly are not synonymous)

    The first person I talked to refused to agree to the credit, so I was transferred to another department where the person was very understanding and immediately worked toward getting the credit (put on hold, talked to supervisor came back and gave me the credit).

    I am very impressed with Sprint. Just another reason that I will be staying with them for the forseeable future: I have been very impressed with their customer service so far, and this flexibility that they demonstrated as regards this credit just shows even more that they are able to respond to reasonable customer requests and not get bogged down in strict policies that hurt their relationships.

    Cool new phones, GREAT customer service (for me at least) and Any Mobile Anytime are powerful reasons to stick with Sprint!

    Are you gonna get it if you are more than 40-45 days out? Probably not, but then I wouldn't expect that anyways unless you are a loooong time, loyal customer with a good payment history.

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    Got my credit. I was like 9 days past 30. I recommend email -- easier to not deal with the waits.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tcub View Post
    I checked my account a little while later and voila.. $50! Woohoo! Huge thanks to the OP!
    How does one check for credits on an account? The only thing I'm able to check is last months bill - is there a screen that shows current charges for the $50 refund?
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    I got my pre back in June. Sent sprint a nice email saying I switched from verizon which I have been a customer with for 9+ years. Told them I saw a the 150 price tag and asked if they could help me out I'd appreciate it.

    Got an email that night with my acct crwdited 50 dollars. I'm glad I switched to sprint! I was almost at 3 months with my pre and they still credited me! Wowzers...
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    I got my pre on june 7, at the 99.99 price due to bestbuy screw up. I was talking with sprint yesterday on another issue, activating my blackberry tour, that i also got at bestbuy for 99.00. I said i noticed you lowered the price of the pre by 50.00, but what about the poor people who paid the 50 too much,
    she said oh do not worry, you have been with sprint for a long, time, let me credit your account for the 50.00, I did not tell her, I thanked her very much, got a call for an eval on the call, she got all 5's. And i ended up getting the pre for 49.99. Not bad, at all and a blackberry tour, for 99.00., no activation fees, and on my pre they did not even extend my contract,
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    I bought my Pre at Best Buy on Aug 8, which was only 1 or 2 days beyond the 30 day window. It took 3 emails to Sprint, but I finally got the $50 credit. I did not respond to the denial emails, just sent new ones from the website. I have 4 lines and have been with Sprint for more than 10 years. Obviously, they leave this up to the discretion of the CSR handling the call or email. So, if you haven't got your credit yet, keep trying.

    In a way, I kinda feel bad... Here's a list of what I have "talked" my way into with Sprint in the last 60 days:

    1. $140 credit for renewing 2-year contract on 2 lines. I heard that people were getting $70 per line to renew without affecting upgrade eligibility. So I called retentions and got the credit before buying my Pre with full upgrade discount (and no MIR at Best Buy).

    2. My daughter ran up ~$55 charges for casual data usage on her phone which did not have data service at the time. Called and got full credit for that.

    3. Got activation fees waived on 3 new handsets including the Pre ($54 total).

    4. Got a free Airave with monthly fee waived.

    5. Now the $50 price-match credit on the Pre.

    I've always been treated fairly by Sprint, but it does take some persistence and persuasion. Everything listed above, I was told "no" initially.
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    I was reading this post last night so I thought I would give it a try. I purchased 3 Pres in July so I thought I might qualify for the $50. price change.
    I sent a very brief email through the Sprint customer service page.
    To my amazement, they are crediting my Sprint account for a one time amount of $150.

    What a great forum this is.
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    got mine, I just emailed and copied someones post here for content, lol. They emailed me a few hours later and applied it to my account.
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    I emailed customer support this morning around 8:00 am and got my reply back a few hours later that even though I was outside of the 30 days and wasn't eligible for the price change adjustment, since I was a customer for 8 years he talked to his supervisor and I will be getting the credit adjustment applied to my account by tomorrow. Thanks for posting this thread!


    I attached the email I sent in if anyone has questions on how I worded it:

    Original Question: Pre Price Drop
    Question: I purchased my Pre on the release day for the original price
    of $199 with the $100 mail-in rebate. I recently noticed that Sprint has
    posted the Pre with a price drop of $149 after mail-in rebate. I
    absolutely love the Pre and the service that I have received over the
    past 8 years with Sprint and being a premier customer, I was wondering
    if I could still get the $50 credit for the price change?

    Thanks in advance for looking into this,

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    i called in just to try it out, definetly wasnt expecting a credit since i was past my 30 days, the rep i had was really nice, we were jokin around about things having a casual conversation while he was looking it up, i pretty much just told him i didnt expect the pre to drop prices so fast, i told him i wasnt to excited about spending 300 on a phone, wait for a 100 dollar rebate but i really liked it and now it drops by another 50 bucks. He also admitted he was very suprised it dropped to fast as well. He ended up telling me that he couldnt apply the credit, to which i replied i understand i know its past the 30 days now, and then he replies with "you know what, im just going to go ahead and give you a 50 dollar credit anyways i just have to file it as something else" Really, thats awesome news.

    So i guess be really nice to the rep, have a conversation with them, and treat them like a human being, this isnt a billing issue or something they screwed up, so if your mean to them they definetly will not help, but if u talk to them they wont feel intimitaded and will want to help u get that discount even more, think about it, i doubt service reps make ***-loads of money so they understand that 50 bucks helps out!
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    Thanks a lot everyone in this post! I went to a Sprint store and asked about the $50 since I bought my phone on Aug 1st and it was out of the 30 day mark. They told me there was nothing they could do. So I came back home, read some of these posts saying that people called in Sprint or emailed and got the $50 credited to their account and thought, I should try that. So, I went to, and went to the contact page to email them. Sent them an email saying that I was a long time customer, loved the pre, but was a little upset about the price dropping so fast. In under one hour, they emailed me back saying that I was out of the 30 day mark, but "considering your valuable association with Sprint", they credited me the $50. Thanks a lot Sprint, and thanks to the people in this post!
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    My experience with getting the credit: First tried emailing but was told to call a 1-800 #. After about 15 minutes of going through endless menus and entering and reentering my phone # & pin, I finally spoke to a human. He was nice and patched me through to the Accts dept. The rep there put me on hold for about 5 min. but credited my acct, no questions asked. She also told me exactly the amount I should see on my next bill, which was nice.

    So all told, I spent about 20 minutes of my time. Worth it to me for the $50 credit.
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    i've had mine for <30 days, but i thought id share the number i called:
    866-789-8292 Sprint order support

    The brick and mortar store I purchased from (iMobile) were dicks about it and said i had to bring all the original packaging and documentation, return the device for $200, and they could sell me a new Pre at the lower price. I was like ***.

    The guy at Sprint was way helpful and credit my account without issue.
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