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    They absolutely did not want to give it to me, but after a half hour and a supervisor's intervention, they finally did. They said "We can only do this the one time now, ok?", lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by rjbphotos View Post
    I just called them they would not budge said I was outside the 30 days so no credit..
    I tried every angle and they would not budge either. I bought my Pre on the first day. I guess they are a bit more lenient the closer you are to the thirty day mark.
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    7-5 purchase and no credit
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    I bought mine at Best Buy this past Saturday... Best Buy's price is still $199 on contract. Do you guys think I can get Sprint to credit me the $50 since Best Buy says they are not lowering their price?

    EDIT: Nevermind... looks like their price HAS changed since I looked and called them earlier. Running to see if they'll price match me now.
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    I just got from Best Buy... took in my reciept.. paid 199.00 for pre.. they credited my BB card 52.50.... AWESOME....
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    I got my credit yesterday. I emailed them, like other users I hate speaking to 3 or 4 reps and not getting anywhere. I told them I bought my Pre during launch, love it, have been a loyal customer for several years, and if there was any way to get the credit issued to my account. I received a reply about 4 hours later saying that the credit would be applied. I looked at my account online today and there it was. w00w00
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    Thank you everyone for your suggestions. I emailed customer care and they applied the $50 credit. The phone was purchased a little over a month ago. I told them I was a loyal customer, blah blah blah, and that I would have waited to purchase the phone until now had I known. They gave me the credit no problem.
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    I just sent an email... tried customer care, but the guy could only say "I understand where you are coming from" over and over, and talk about how its a promotional price and such.
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    I got mine on 8/8. Literally one day too early.
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    i guess they have to cut the date somewhere, otherwise peopel will try to call them for a pricematch a yr from now just because they drop the price again to 99. i think 30 days is pretty standard for most company to do price match, and seems like sprint has been nice enough to give some people credit even if they pass the 30 days by a couple of days.
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    For those of you that have emailed and had good look, which topic and subtopic did you choose from their online form? Is there an email addy that you can send direct too without using their online form?
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    Tried calling twice, no help.

    Got stuck with a real loser who just kept saying the rehashed things over and over and my goodbyes didn't work. So I just hung up, sure enough two mins later he calls back and I picked up. Was stuck another 5 mins hearing about the 30 day policy, Sprints corporate structure, benefits of sprint etc...
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    First tried *2, no luck. Then tried emailing. Wow Email worked Great! Just did General inquiry and had a response back within the hour. Here is what I sent:

    Question: Pre $50 price Drop-

    I purchased my palm pre on 7-13-09 and have been very happy with my device. It is unfortunate to find out that I am outside of the window to receive the $50 credit being offered to some customers since the phone price has been lowered. I have been a loyal sprint customer and supporter for approximately 9 years. I have a plan with 4 phones and a monthly bill over $200 a month. The new anytime, any mobile plan is great offering addition to the sprint plans. However, this also doesnt affect me or save me any money as my base plan already has enough minutes. I am wondering if there is any possible way to receive the $50 Pre credit. If so, it would be greatly appreciated and help a loyal sprint customer.

    Thanks for your time!

    Their response:

    Thank you for contacting Sprint. I understand your concern regarding the price match for the Palm Pre.

    Considering your long term association with us, I have applied a credit of $50.00 on your account to match the new price of the Palm Pre. Now, there is a credit balance of $50.00 on your account.

    I have also arranged a call for you so that we can discuss this in detail. You will receive a call from the 1-888-211-4727 number by one of our specialists on the number ######### within the next 24 hours.
    In case there are any pending issues you can get the same resolved on the call.

    We value your business and appreciate the opportunity to serve you.
    Please reply to this email or visit if we can be of further assistance.

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    My experience is very similar to bgriffin above. I wrote a polite e-mail, in which I said I was a bit suprised at the price drop happening so fast and asked if they could credit me somehow. I've been a Sprint customer for about 10 years now and have been paying well over $100 for most of that time. I didn't threaten to leave or even express any anger, because I'm not leaving and fully understand the price drop (I'm glad they did it, in fact). I just asked if it was possible, while praising Sprint for their great improvement recently. Even though I bought the phone on 6/17, they gave me a $50 credit. Thanks to the op for the idea.
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    i got my Pre from Best Buy and literally flew out there the Sunday that $99 deal went into place and got the adjustment. a $50 Pre sounds better than the $100 i paid so i'm gonna try to double dip and see if i can get the $50 line credit too.
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    Best buy is refusing to give me a 50.00 credit. She said their promotional prices drop all the time. I'm not happy. I got my phone 2 days ago.
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    Maybe you should try another Best Buy if there is one close enough. I went to Best Buy yesterday and they did not give me any problems at all. They credited my credit card for $54.13. I purchase my Pre 08/11.
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    FYI, just called Best Buy and they refused the price match guarantee stating it was a promotional price and changes often.

    Per Best Buy's own price match policy page......

    (Can't post link, not high enough post count but can be found through search.)

    What if I find a lower price at another Best Buy store or on
    If an item you purchased at Best Buy is advertised at a lower price at another Best Buy store in your local area or on, we'll refund you the price difference from our own sale price during the exchange and return period on your product. Simply bring in your original Best Buy receipt to the customer service counter while that lower price is still in effect.

    Will you price match with the Best Buy site on my mobile phone (
    Yes. has the same pricing and is treated the same as Best

    I've sent an informative e-mail informing them of their policies to get my refund.
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    Here's the response I just got

    Dear Adam,

    Thank you for contacting Sprint. I understand your concern regarding
    the price change of the Palm Pre phone.

    The Palm Pre was purchased on June 13, 2009. The price match of a phone
    can be done if the phone has been purchased within the 30 days of the
    price reduction. However, considering your relationship with us, I can
    offer you the credit for the price difference.

    To determine the charge of the phone, please reply with the scanned copy
    of the purchase receipt as an attachment in the email. Once we receive
    the requested information, we will apply the necessary credit to your

    If you have any further concerns, please reply and we will be glad to
    assist you.

    We value your business and appreciate the opportunity to assist you.
    Epic, I have the receipt at home, so I'll be able to do that later this afternoon.
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    how do I email sprint from my sprint account
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