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    I know many of you, including myself, have experienced crazy amounts of battery drain. We need to charge our phones two to three times a day. I see many people on this forum who are willing to switch their phone due to this issue. We know that the instant messenger has a problem, palm has acknowledged this much. However, there have been many theories as to why this happens, whether hardware vs. software (bad battery, too many cards open, memory leak etc) This is mine.

    According to my experiences, the battery drain caused by my palm pre was due to the battery. AFter owning for fifty days with plenty of extensive monitoring, Just yesterday I received a replacement battery from the sprint store. They guys there are great to me and explained that palm has issues with a hot battery meaning it burns juice whether idle or not. So they replaced the battery and I had and have been keeping track of usage and would like to share my experience:

    before the exchange: I would get 6-8 hrs of battery life each charge. doesnt matter what i do or how little i use it. I remember a day where i went w/o email, wifi, phone calls, text and the battery would drain the same amt as if i actually used all of these options except the phone.

    after the exchange, here is a detailed description of all the activities i used. Bold=strong roaming area

    9/8/2009 Options: gtalk, wifi on, 2 email accts pushed

    1:30 off charger @ 100%
    1:50 no touch @ 100%
    2:35 no touch @ 94%
    3:30 20 texts @ 82%
    4:30 10 min call @ 66%
    5:30 no touch @ 55%
    7:30 no touch @ 30%
    8:30 30 texts @ 13%
    8:44 1 text @ 10%
    9:13 1 phone call @ 5%
    9:17 no touch @ 0%

    8 hours with wifi, messenger and email pushed

    9/9/2009 option: 2 email accts pushed
    10:05 off charger @ 100%
    11:41 4 texts, 15 min gaming @ 94%
    12:07 2 texts @ 92%
    12:54 1 minute phone call @ 89%
    1:10 no touch @ 88%
    1:56 no touch @ 86%
    2:45 no touch @ 83%

    5:25 4 minute call, 30 minutes on Bluetooth @ 71%

    thats right its 71% 7 hrs after use. on any other day i would be at 30% after 7 hrs running to the charger desperately before my phone died. I hope by making this post to encourage those unhappy with their battery life to take your phone to the store, explain your situation and horrible battery to them and they should exchange it for you. Hope this helps!
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    Interesting, I'll make the exchange as soon as I can and will report back with my results.
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    Wish you would step back from that ledge my friend...

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