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    Can someone please help me with this. It is getting next to me and I have to take the battery out because the phone seems like it will melt because it gets so hot. Anyone has an answer as to why it is going in to that mode?
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    My quick two cents.... I turn on airplane mode overnight and it HARDLY ever drains more than 1-2% overnight, if that. =\
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    I noticed an increased battery drain and I too have recently added the battery percentage mod with the WebOSQuickInstaller, could this be the problem?
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    First rule of troubleshooting is to backtrack to the last thing that changed before the problem started, so I uninstalled the iLike Concerts and Lights Out apps I DLed last week and so far today, with very light use, I'm at 70% after 6-1/2 hours, which is more like it.
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    today took my phone off the charger at 100%. that was 9:30AM. at 2:30 it was down to 17% on only 20 minutes of calls total and gps, bluetooth off and no other use. I mean 17% off of two 10 minute calls. frustrating. i like this phone but it's becoming a major issue.
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    So I have had a really pleasant surprise over the last couple days! I had forgotten that update 1.2 includes the option to disable data, which I had always done on my Treo. So I used the stock battery at work with data disabled most of the day unless I really needed it for that quick weather check or Internet surf. I went from lasting 4 hours at the most on most days to over 9 hours before it got to 40% left! WOW! I was so happy LOL. And now today I decided to use my Seidio 2600 battery. I took it off the charger at 8am, and as of writing this (11am) I still have 96% left! So data does indeed cause HUGE drainage of battery, just like my Treo did, and I'm glad Palm implemented the option to disable it! So my problem is finally SOLVED! :-) So for all of you who have yet to update to 1.2, your problems with drainage should be solved too when it arrives if you learn to be more careful with turning off the data if you really don't need it throughout your workday.
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    i deleted that concert app and my battery life was at 73% and it's now 5:35PM with one call.
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    For what it's worth-I uninstalled the battery percent hack, and my battery life did improve.
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