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    So a jailbroken iphone has ifile so any video can be downloaded from the web through its browser and saved on the device....

    What I have been asking and not got a reply to is,

    Can the Pre do this? and if not is there a workaround to make it so?

    Thanks G.
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    Webos 1.2 is supposed to have download straight from a browser.
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    Use webos quickinstall.....check download web-browser.....
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    Quote Originally Posted by mosdl View Post
    Webos 1.2 is supposed to have download straight from a browser.
    What he said...
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    I don't think this will work with things like videos though. Most videos are FLASH. I may be wrong, but who knows!
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    Quote Originally Posted by powerbyte View Post
    I don't think this will work with things like videos though. Most videos are FLASH. I may be wrong, but who knows!
    I thought the iphone didnt have flash yet, so I think he might be referring to .mpg/.avi etc. not sure though
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    I have tried putting some videos on my pre from the USB connections and really have not been to impressed. I would really like if they would support more video codecs on the pre.
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    [QUOTE=jcross22;1881463]I thought the iphone didnt have flash yet.
    The iphone doesn't have a flash player.
    what a jailbroken iphone has is a safari plugin called Ifile which gives you the option of downloading any iphone viewable video of which there are 1000000's onto the device. this includes youtube videos as well.
    I was hoping that the Pre could do this too as its supposed to be so much more 'open'.
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    My n800 could do that. It is a pretty useful feature, although with 3G it isn't as big a deal.
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    The mobile Safari also shows youtube video links in the browser. The pre's browser leaves a blank space in the page where the video is.
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    Actually I am wrong, a jailbroken iphone DOES have a plugin for a flash player and seeing my friends device it works really well.
    How come the Pre doesn't have this already?
    Really want to get a Pre but there are some things it needs to be able to do first!
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    Well, if it has to support flash before you'll buy it, you shouldn't have to wait much longer. The Pre will get flash before the end of the year, and it will be official and supported, not a hack.

    Saving files from the browser will also be officially supported this month.

    Note the difference: Pre will get these capabilities as supported capabilities, no jail-breaking or homebrewing required.

    And if an enterprising homebrew developer did develop a flash capability it would be okay with Palm. But I doubt anyone would spend time on it since an official solution is coming.
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    I corrected your thread title to match your question:

    Last time asking...


    Last time asking...Will the Pre be Able to Download and Play Internet Videos

    When you won't tell in the title what your question is, many will skip right past it thinking it is the work of a troll.

    The Pre also has a built-in YouTube app that I use all of the time and Sprint TV. Honestly everything gets posted to YouTube often faster than the news sources can write the story.

    I did a search on YouTube in the thread titles and got several good threads:

    You are in the UK. Do you know something about the Pre coming to England this week that the rest of us don't know?

    By the way, I did a search on Flash and got this thread:

    - Craig
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