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    I just noticed that my app catalog is "unavailable" right now. I think/hope this means that its going through the update.
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    After checking for updates in the updates app for a few seconds, it gives the message "Unable to connect. Try again later."

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    Mine works just fine here close to Palm HQ. Not to burst anyone's bubble or anything...
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    hah they did this to keep us on our toes
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    mine works too
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    Quote Originally Posted by ChemEngr View Post
    Mine works just fine here close to Palm HQ. Not to burst anyones bubble or anything...
    I'm in socal too. If more people realized that we all take different paths among different providers to get to the same set of servers, they'd be more inclined to realize that most of these are just timeout errors amongst one of the 10-50 routers that it takes to get there. These posts end up the same way everytime.
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    Waste........ of......... time......
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    Mine is working fine.

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    Mine's up and running, although I can't USE IT because I have NOT ENOUGH MEMORY!!! How can I have too many applications, and yet still be able to add more through QuickInstall?
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    Definatley false alarm. Was down then back up.

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