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    Just now - several tries... anyone else?

    Lee Ladisky
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    App catalog and update... interesting....
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    same here...
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    Same here, both down... Crossing my fingers!
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    doesn't nessesarly mean anthing!!
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    Unable to connect for me too. Hmmmmm...
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    me too!! this can only mean one thing!! NOTHING!
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    Same here, and not only that, both my Pre and my Centro have flipped out in the last half hour--the Centro a few times, trying to connect to Palm Vision update all on its own and then rebooted after unsuccessful attempts.

    Clearly something's going on....
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    Nobody should get their hopes up on this related to the update... it's just an infrastructure issue most likely.

    Lee Ladisky
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    We all probably crashed it with us continually hitting the update button on our phone's. LOL.
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    not working for me either
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    Me too. Wassup?
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    Haha I lol'd. For all we know, we did crash it haha!
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    Checking for updates... for me right now


    Your phone is up to date.

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    me too hope its a good sign!!!!!
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    I would have to agree that this is probably due to the fact that half of Pre owners have been hitting update/refresh for the past day and a half. You put that kind of load on any service and it is going to bog down.
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    Everything's working for me. It tells me my Pre is up to date.
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    Everytime this has happened so far you get posts from others within a few minutes that theirs is working fine. Mine just worked, said I'm up to date.

    BTW Think of the Palm servers as an office in Dallas Texas. Their hours of operation are the same for all of us, but we all take different freeways to get there. Your freeways might be congested while ours aren't.
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    its back up and running now... Why do I keep getting an update for bubbles app after I've deleted that app along time ago
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    damn it up to date again
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