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    The Pre sounds great and I have no problems with coverage or dropped calls most of the week when I am in a metro area. My only problem is when I visit a roaming area with 1X coverage one day a week. I find that most of my calls go directly to voicemail when I am in this area (something about data have priority over voice). I hate that I have to choose either voice or data.
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    the phone is great to me....i live in a rather remote area and the pre actually gets better service then any of my other smartphones have out here......ive had it almost 2 months now and only two dropped calls. and that happened recently. was my first time seeing the lil popup that says your call dropped or whatever and gives you the dailback option which is nice as well.
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    Thanks for all the info regarding this question, Wow this is an active board!! I am even more sure the Pre is the way to go. Now I just need to decide if I wait and see if it comes to Verizon or switch carriers. i really hope it comes to Verizon that would be the best outcome for me right now.

    I have been scouring the internet lately to see if there is any new news regarding this. Its seems since early june when some Verizon Exec said they would be getting a bunch of new phones like the Pre and Storm 2 there hasn't been much if anything else said about this.
    It doesn't look like anyone else answered the second part of your question. The mouth piece is on the top LCD part of the phone. So while you can certainly open it and talk so that it curves around your face a little more, it doesn't help with call clarity as the mouth piece is in the same position as if the phone were closed.

    FYI, send me a PM. I can connect you with a Sprint business rep that can get you the phone for .99 cents. That way you aren't spending too much if you end up not liking it.
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    I used to be on Verizon and switched for this phone. Yes Verizon's network is better, but it's really only noticeable inside buildings. I still get bars inside buildings with sprint (most of the time), just less of them. For the money you save though, and the great phone you get, I say it's worth it. From personal experience, coming from a Blackberry curve, I find the Pre to have a slightly superior phone functionality. It may just because the curve is so small, but people were always asking me to repeat myself or couldn't hear me well. No such problem on the Pre.

    Now this is just a suggestion, but you mentioned liking the design of flip phones. I'm with you there, I love flip phones (though I've only ever owned one). Once you go smartphone you can never go back, but there is one decent flip smartphone. Blackberry Pearl Flip (8230 if I remember correctly...). It's got a nice design, and I very much like it personally, just the screen is a little small for web browsing, which was a deal breaker for me But for you, never having owned a smartphone, it may not be such a big deal. It's on Verizon too.
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