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    So i had to order a new Pre through insurance my old one had a few bumps and bruises so now I will have a brand new pre (its not a refurb ). Before I open it i wonder if I should think about switching from the Pre to the pixi. I saw the video and i dont really care about the camera. I'm not sure however if the smaller screen would be a problem. Any thoughts/ suggestions?
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    I like the solid keyboard, but I think the screen might be a dealbreaker - looking at the small webOS windows inside the screenshots. Also, wifi comes in handy once in a while.

    Still, might check it out when it comes out..
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    yea i just saw no wifi but i dont care about the small screen im still young lol and my eyes are good. If it had wifi i would switch in a heartbeat. The slider is the only thing that makes me miss my curve.
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    $50 bucks difference is more than enough to make up for the better camera, better and larger screen, wifi, and faster proccesor.

    Only thing that the Pixi has over the pre is the thinner candybar form factor so no slider issues anymore and a better keyboard.
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    Nah, weird aspect ratio to watch video, landscape not wide enough to enjoy reading websites and lack of wifi. I mostly have my net usage to using wifi only.
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    Yeah. No WiFi in the Pixi would be a dealbreaker for me... The Pre is the first step in the right direction of making it a true portable, and handheld computer. That's why I'm so excited to get it. These next few hours are gonna be painful... waiting for it to arrive... gah!
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    Pre for me. Pixi for my wife.
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    50 dollars difference means not much at all considering you got to feed these the same monthly plan. Not to mention, i've already bought the Pre at 99 for myself and a few others by price matching during the sale at BB.

    The pixi, while serving an aspect of reaching out to teenie boppers, isn't IMO the best move they could have made. Lack of wifi kills it for me but so would reduced processor, ram, and camera (mainly video concerns when they throw that update on). The name is just horrible. The customized back covers should appeal further to the young crowd.

    Had Palm went with a pro style candybar device w/ better kb and specced it up, i'd have given it a serious look. Even a thin Pre like kb-less device would've been preferable to the picksie.

    Looking at it more, the usb cover seems even more a chore to use. The cover looks like a nightmare to take off. Forget wifi sync, wifi tether, wifi anything.
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    if there was any question, a smaller screen and no wifi are deal breakers. i'm happy with my pre so its not an issue.
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    This is a tough call for me. Although I occasionally use WiFi, its not a deal breaker if the reception is a little better on the Pixi and I can still tether via BT. The screen size is a concern, but I won't really know until I see it in person. Screen size is a concern for media viewing, games, and browsing.

    There are a number of reasons I would consider this though.
    1- durability- The lack of a slider means a more solid phone.
    2- size- Although the Pre is a great size, the Pixi really is nice and thin.
    3- keyboard- one handed use is much easier.
    4- battery- with a smaller screen I would assume battery life will be better.

    Either way, I am not prepared to give up my Pre to wait 3 months for it, as long as my Pre holds up for that long!
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    No pixi
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    Pre! While the Pixie shouldn't have any build quality issues (and the Pre should be clearing that hurdle), I wouldn't think of switching.

    • Bigger Screen
    • Better Camera
    • SEXY pebble form factor
    • Wifi
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    Its ugly! I don't see this phone making a big splash
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    Two words: why fi? as in wifi? thats a no brainer for me.. i needed a phone with wifi as I am online alot and hate having to stop what im doing to answer or not answer an annoying phone call...
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    I always thought the Pre should have had a 3.5" screen anyway and now to downgrade even more is not even an option.
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    I'm keeping my Pre, no more throwing money to Palm for me.

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    This may have been answered somewhere already but I didn't see it, but is the Pixie compatible w/ the Touchstone?
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    I think, even without WiFi, and with the 2mpixel camera, the Pixi is still a very nice phone, it looks great, its thin as hell, still has 8gb of storage, the screen even displays more colors than most HTC phones, still a touch screen, and the keypad looks like its the same one as the Pre, which I've grown to really love. If I were on a budget, 50 dollar savings up front would definitely appeal to me. I get it. I get the Pixi. I'll keep my Pre, but now, my mother can likely get a really nice phone for not a lotta bucks.
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    is the Pixie compatible w/ the Touchstone?

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    No ringer switch?!? What kind of a Palm Device doesn't have a ringer switch on/off?!
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