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    Quote Originally Posted by pathymo View Post
    Since this is an open forum, I will actually go ahead and continue to post wherever I please.

    You can get all the opinions in the world, but to know whether or not its the phone for you you'll have to use it and develop an opinion of your own.
    Agreed on both points.
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    Quote Originally Posted by evilhomer View Post
    They offered me the phone as part of a retention thing. I paid $85 for the Pre. They should of informed me that I would need to switch my plan before they sent the phone to me. Obviously it would be up to me. Thats why I was asking other ppl's OPINIONS since that have had the phone for a while ....Please stop posting this thread
    Do what?? You don't get to dictate who posts to a thread. The mods can do that, but rarely so.

    You're right, they shoud have informed you. They didn't. So, you call them up, and tell them you don't want the phone, and get your $85 back. Or, you keep it and pay the extra for the extra features and the plan. Or, you could even keep it and not get the plan, sell it on eBay, whatever.

    However, most of the people on here knew of the data plan requirement ahead of time. Thy decided that it was "worth it" for them.

    Your cheaper "unlimited data" plan was based on the existng phones, not the Pre. The Pre is much more data intensive, so it's no surprise they changed the rules.
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    We have Pre's and the plans we use with them are comparable, in-price, to the plans we had before. So, it's hard to answer the specific question of whether it's worth an extra $40 per month. I can just tell you that I like it and, one of the main reasons I like it, is because I did what someone else in the thread has suggested to you.

    I played with the demo like a mad-man.

    They got to know me in that Sprint store (like I wasn't in there enough, already) because I got very familiar with the device so I'd have a very good idea of what I was getting into, unlike others who decided to dive-in, head-first, without checking to see how much water was in the pool.

    For some of them, that was absolutely the RIGHT decision. I don't knock that. For others, it was the WRONG decision, imo. The way you're wondering and wavering, you should check the device out for yourself by activating the one you received and trying it out for a while or by using the demo units in the stores.

    I agree that they should've told you. Regardless of how much you research, it can still be a challenge to sift through the definitive tones that are worthy of such - and accurate - versus those who speak with such authority and confidence, but don't know spit from Shinobi... or whatever.

    And, to put a nice bow on this one, I don't think saying "Please" is the same as dictating who can post in the thread. It's a request. One that can be and has been ignored.
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    Any time you use an upgrade to get a new phone (be it the Pre or any other), Sprint requires you to take on a current plan if the one you had is no longer available.

    So basically unless you keep your previous phone forever, eventually you will have to get the new plan, so any phone will increase the cost of ownership.
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