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    NCIS TV Show theme song for Phone Calls and for text messages I have Cold Play's "Viva la Vida". The NCIS theme song still startles me when it starts playing, but love when I get texts!
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    I work in radio as a Production Director so I kind of make my own... mostly I've taken old NES/SNES/Genesis game theme songs and saved them as nice MP3 files and use those. Games like Super Mario World, Blaster Master, Life Force, Sonic, etc... =)
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    thanks for the suggestion, good revrend. Alas, it did not work. I tried it on the "mosquito ringtone" link provided in another post in this thread. The only save as option I had was "save link." I did that, but opening that file just opens a web page to the Mosquito tone page. Same thing happened when I tried another link.
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    "Peace of Mind" by Boston
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    "Welcome" by Étienne de Crécy, its hard to miss a call
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    Slap chop Rap, DJ Steve Porter

    Sprint Pre- Meta-Doctor 2.1.0 w/Flash

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    'Better Days' by the Dirges (Just a snippet on the refrain)
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    The infamous ringtone from the "Crank" movies:
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    Jennifer hudson's version of "And I am tell you"!

    Yeah my 1,000th posting!
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