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    Radiohead Wolf At the Door performed in Atlanta in 2003
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    Turnin' Left - Chickenfoot

    First time I heard this song thought it would make a great ring tone, and it does! Gets your attention, then drops off a bit. Has plenty of highs & lows. I usually hate music ring tones, but this one works.
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    Dark Blue by Jack's Mannequin. It has no words, gets louder, and is really fun to hum around to.

    Message tone is the scifi beep from the treo.
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    I used to Audacity to create my ringtones.

    For my ex I used 'Can't Leave Him Alone' by Ciara ft 50
    For my parents I used 'Over My Head' by Sum 41
    For my sis I had 'Before I Leave' by Frankie Beverly and Maze
    For my female friends I used 'The Business' by Yung Berg
    Are you trying to hurt me?
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    i have the Pre ringer for regular call, and i made a Twilight ringer for my wife.
    Lovin' the Pre. Love It.
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    I'm afraid of Americans - Bowie and NIN (v1)
    I've decided to become enigmatic.
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    Burn My Dread from Persona 3!
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    it changes from the full metal jacket intro to boot camp tirade, and merle hagerd - mama tried.
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    sex therapy- Robin Thicke
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    St. Mystere from Professor Layton and the Curious Village.
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    Ringtone: Invader ZiM shouting "My Tallest!" over and over again when he calls the Tallest and they don't answer.
    A really intense and somewhat annoying ringtone.

    Text message: Dr. Zoidberg "Hooray! Somebody's paying attention to me!"

    Everything else: default
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    was using funk soul brother, liked the intro. What's the difference between me and you...Dr.Dre.
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    the ringtone from that geico commercial

    "a rigidy ding ding ding donnnng.."
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    baba o'reily - The Who (beginning instrumental)Rapidshare link

    seventeen years - Ratatat (cut dialog off the beginning of song)Rapdishare Link

    no surprises - Radiohead (unedited)Rapidshare Link

    all 3 songs randomly attached to my most used contacts. Pre default for everyone else.
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    mine sounds like thea the jack Bauer´s office phone in 24 titotirouuuu
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    Quote Originally Posted by newone757 View Post
    the ringtone from that geico commercial

    "a rigidy ding ding ding donnnng.."

    GEICO | GEICO Ringtones - Download free ringtones to your phone
    That's a funny ringtone. I didn't know that you could actually done load it.
    Are you trying to hurt me?
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    haha I just downloaded the geico one last night.. love it
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    "Hail to the Chief". But I'm the Mayor of a town in Canada who is a little too full of himself. That said, my wife is American and you should see the interesting effect it has on her.
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    The opening guitar riff from California Sun - the Rivieras
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    Belero of Fire from OoT. I alternate every month or so between the different temple songs.
    For texts I have the sword recharge sound from Twilight Princess
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