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    Quote Originally Posted by Hoffman109 View Post
    and the ringer that was featured in the movie "Crank."
    Bravo sir, one of my favorite movies.
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    I upgraded the Flurry to the louder version except for my girl...Her's is 30 seconds of Sex is on Fire by Kings of Leon Message alert is the Arrow from Mote Python with "Message for you Sir!"
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    I use the default Pre one. It grows on you.
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    On my current phone (2007 iPhone) my ringtone is a clip of the ending to Captain Planet. It's likely gonna migrate to my Pre.. arriving today! WHEEEE
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    I am currently using Scamper for my default ringer. Also I use Nine Inch Nails 21 Ghosts III for my morning alarm and Nine Inch Nails 14 Ghosts II for every other alarm.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hoffman109 View Post
    Vibrate while at work; and the ringer that was featured in the movie "Crank." The notification tone is the communicator chime from the first Power Rangers. (Old School!)

    +1 for chevys's ringtone from Crank! Used it on three different WM devices, now my Pre.
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    Mission Impossible theme.
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    J Dilla's, Rico Suave Bossa Nova!
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    Sniff N the Tears' Driver's Seat, love that opening riff.
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    1,000 Grams by Apathy, then for text its the mario power up from snes days when you collect a mushroom ect ect...
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    As my main ringer I'm still using Blame it on the Alcohol (Too many drunk weekends still...) and as my notification I'm using Frank Costanza leaving Jerry a message about George being dead( Jerry, It's Frank Costanza. Mr Steinbrenners here. George is dead. Call me back)
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    Original Treo tone for "everyone"
    "I don't wanna work" by Todd Rundgren for work people/clients
    "Danger Zone" for my parents/parent's home
    "Canned Heat" for my husband/home
    other random stuff for specific people.
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    A ringtone version that I made of the "Psych" opening theme song, and a submarine "dive alarm" ringtone for the number of the automated system that calls me when my server room starts to overheat. I needed something that would be able to wake me up.

    Also changed my wallpaper to a lovely pic of the Bellagio fountains that I stole from an iPhone wallpaper site. The funny thing is that the download has the site's name branded in the pic, the wallpaper doesn't display it.
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    rage against the machine- without a face
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    Float On by Modest Mouse as my general ringer.
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    Tom Sawyer by Rush. Have had that for over three years. Never get tired of it.
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    First 30 seconds of Americana. Excellent Drum beat with Guitars coming in later. It's nice, starts simple and gets more rowdy as time goes on.
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    louder old ringer
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    I have an edited song, "Oh Yeah" by Yello, you know, the "Chicka-chick-ah" song from Ferris Buller's Day Off for my ringtone.

    Here, for anyone else that wants it:

    I also have the most annoying, yet entertaining text message notification that says, "WooHoo, Haha, Text Message". If you want that, it's here"
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    iron lion zion- bob marley the best
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