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    After nearly 90 days from launch date, and totally loving my Pre, I took it into the Sprint store to show them what looks like screen separation inside the screen. Sprint deemed it reasonable to replace the phone, and gave me a refurbished Pre. Not keen on that, but as long as it is the same warranty, I guess that is OK. All is well with my new Pre with one huge exception. While I had backed up pictures and music to my computer, I was relying on the "cloud" to back up contacts and calendar. Bad assumption. After I signed into my Palm profile with the new Pre, I got my apps back, but no contacts or calendar. After hours on the phone with multiple Sprint and Palm support people and several partial resets, I am now on a list to get a call-back from a Palm engineer. The kicker is that it could be up to two weeks before I get my call-back, and I am guessing if I miss that call, I'll have to wait another two weeks. I live and die by the calendar I kept on my Pre, so I am fried now. This is low class and low quality customer support. Anyone with a similar experience? Similar problem? Suggestions on approaches to take to get Palm's attention to get this fixed? Thanks.
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    Same problem happened to me with my contacts. I didn't even bother contacting sprint or palm, it was just a pain trying to find all my friends and families phone numbers since I figured the backup was reliable.
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    This happened to me as well. I am also waiting for the Engineer to Call me back. My problem happened last week. I decided to do a full restore and noticed i went from having over 150 contacts to 6. The level 2 technicians told me that my last back-up could have been "corrupt. I also noticed that the 6 contacts that it did restore were the last 6 edits or entries.

    Then shortly after.......... I LOST MY PHONE the very next day. Talk about a 'Labor Day' weekend starter. Anyway, I will repost after (IF) i get the call back from the Engineer.

    So far restoring from a previous date was not available from PALM.
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    I am having the same problem! My apps, facebook, and google came over. My Palm profile says I have 2 contacts, which makes NO sense, and I am missing most of my contacts. I have no idea what to do, i don't even know how you got to talk to an engineer! I need some help though because there are phone numbers I need that I am missing. Any suggestions? I replaced my phone today! (9/9/09. Wednesday)
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    I do not like hearing such news! I have over 1200 contacts that I moved over from the plam desktop onto my pre. So do I have to backup the backup? This restore stuff has to be reliable otherwise whats the point!
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    You better back up to Google or something else. O have always been ahue Palm supporter, but this is frustratiing. I think I will start building my contact list in Google.
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    so how do i import my contacts from my pre to google?
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    I dealt with this too after my first "total erase" wiped out all my contacts. Most of my contacts were still on my computer in Palm Desktop, so I figured out a way to sync them with Google from the computer. Then they sync'ed to the Google account on the Pre.
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    same thing with me. lost all my contacts... bs!!!!
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    Same thing here... I caught the phone call from the Palm engineer and after arguing with him for an hour I hung up...

    Best solution: Take your previous phone to Sprint or Best Buy and have them do the transfer of contacts. You will lose anything you entered since you got your Pre, but it's better than not having any at all.
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    Same thing happened to me. Contacts, apps, EVERYTHING lost that wasn't linked to Google. I spent 1 hour, 30 minutes on Palm tech support chat to no avail. While the rep was apologetic, it was obvious he did not know how to handle the problem. We attempted partial erase, password re-entry, password change, verification e-mail (which still hasn't arrived 2 hours later)... When I begged him for a way to transfer from the old Pre to the new Pre using USB, he referred me to Data Transfer Assistant, which clearly states that it is a one-way operation, unable to draw data from the device.

    Do any homebrew folks know how to get the data using USB? It's unbelievable that Palm has put us in this predicament!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by myblackz28 View Post
    so how do i import my contacts from my pre to google?
    This? I would also like to know...
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    When you have your Pre replaced at the Sprint store make sure before you leave they transferred the contacts. If they can transfer from your old palms they should be able to do it from Pre to Pre.
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    EXACT same thing happened to me!

    Got a replacement phone, hardly any contacts contacts came over. I have called Palm about the issue several times, they keep telling me that they are working on the issues....

    I spoke with a guy at Sprint about this, he told me to use Google to back up everything from now on. I guess this Palm profile isnt all that its cracked up to be huh.
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    Same here but the thing is this is my 3rd pre and the backup has worked every time before and now it didnt. i dont get it. im switching to google to back up my contacts.
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    Well, my two weeks is up and no call-back from the engineer. I can't believe that Palm doesn't have some Apple Time Machine-like backup system that keeps multiple versions of your info. I am increasingly concerned that only the most recent version is kept, and that has mysteriously disappeared. I guess you can't "extract" something that doesn't exist. What do you think: will I ever get a call back from a Palm engineer? I have now changed my default contacts and calendar to Google - at least I can see that info on a computer!
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    I got things mostly solved. I still have the old Pre on hand (it's working mostly, but with a cracked screen), so I took both phones to the Sprint Store. They were able to transfer the contact list via USB. Nothing else though - I'll have to rebuild my task lists and memos. Pictures I'd already backed up to my PC, so nothing lost there.
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    Be careful of using Google as your only backup. I know of a few times where all of a Gmail user's data was deleted by Google, with no recovery possible. It is a free service and is great at what it does, but it is free and not perfect.
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    I would also like to know how to transfer my contacts on my Pre to Google contacts. All the contacts I have added to the Pre since changing my default contacts account to Google are there, but the ones that I added to my Pre before changing the default account to Google won't sync. I have 61 contacts in my Pre, but only 6 show up in Google contacts. I'm not a techie (obviously).
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    its happened to me a bunch of times, the solution hs always been to remove the accounts from my phone and re add them, works every time, crisis averted.
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