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    Huh... well, I was going to ask this question:

    So, you've probably all seen the "Open Source Information" .pdf in the root of /media/internal (or, the root of the drive when you use the Pre in USB drive mode).  I created a folder for PDFs and put the doc in it, along with a few others.  Shortly after, it had reappeared in the root, and the copy in my PDF folder was still there.  Apparently it gets recreated if it's not in that location.  Is there a way to move it?  It's a small thing, but I'm really just trying to keep the USB drive section of the device well-organized.  Anyone know how to keep that from reappearing?
    But then I realized I was being a little dumb. The file has to come from somewhere, right? So, it turns out that it's stored in /usr/lib/ossinfo/. Just rename it to something else. I guess this is now an FYI rather than a question.
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    So how do you keep it from reappearing without rooting the phone??

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