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    The pre is the best phone i have ever owned. Web OS is amazing but as with everything else on this planet it has its flaws. 90% of my problems can be fixed with a software update. my largest problem (copy/paste) is rumored to be apart of 1.2 so I am all giggles. However, there is ten percent hardware that I have a slight problem with. No, I won't be returning my baby any time soon but the next version of the pre could have these features.

    Keyboard is small. I would love the thing to be along the side of the phone and have a virtual one pop up for portrait, single-handed text entries with a word correct. But a keyobard that I can use both my hands on in landscape would be for the hardcore emails and text entries and would enable the phone to get some kind of word processor to rival desktops.

    The Button in the gesture area. I like the button, but I wouldn't say no to it being a trackball. That could turn that button into an even more useful thing on the front, so when I take the phone out of my pocket with one hand I could do more. I think in landscape mode it would also do a better job as a scroller instead of the gesture area as well.

    Battery. Obvious but I had to put it. Man oh man would I love to see a super awesome battery actually come with the phone. I hate coming home to almost zero battery and having to leave it on touchstone or bring a charger with me.

    I love this phone, at the time of purchase I would have rather had an iphone if it was also on sprint, but now with homebrew and the Web OS experience I would take the Pre any day. I just hope the next pre has these updates to the hardware along with the usual ones.

    tl:dr .. battery weak, put keyboard on side, trackball instead of button, me like Pre, I giggled.
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    Yeah, those are desires a lot of us have for the Pre. I would bail on the landscape hard keyboard, though. The softward keyboard is good enough (check homebrew if you are not aware of it).

    Surprisingly, you missed the expandable storage...

    And I will add one more...a glass touchscreen.
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    I wish the gesture area were more clearly defined.
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    I can honestly say that I've not missed either a landscape keyboard or a software keyboard. I've simply grown accustomed to typing in portrait and flipping as necessary. Indeed, with my previous phones that had landscape keyboards (HTC Mogul and Touch Pro) I missed having a keyboard in portrait more often. And I do simply hate software keyboards.

    However, along the same lines, I can't wait until Palm fixes how the Pre handles filling out forms, in particular text fields. And, I can't wait for the full version of Docs to Go.

    Second, I really like the Pre's simplicity, and think a trackball would detract from that. This said, however, I do wish the Pre's methods for navigating and manipulating text were more fleshed out and fluid.

    So, for those two, for me the solution is all software. And while I'd like a larger battery, I like the Pre's size. Perhaps some fixes to hunting for signal and processor scaling would help along those lines, as well.
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    As I commented on one of the Pixi articles, I want a dedicated hard button for phone app/answer and another button for hang-up. The software/screen-based buttons are kind of awful.
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    Get rid of the gesture area period! The most useless part of this phone and annoying when handling the phone
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    Just weld that touchstone door on and make it more solid. Get rid of the squeaks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wendellp View Post
    Get rid of the gesture area period! The most useless part of this phone and annoying when handling the phone
    I definitely disagree. The gesture area is a great interactive input. Its gives me an area of the screen to interact without accidentally hitting a link or any active button on the display. Not to mention the full swipe to switch cards while in full view. If you dont have that enabled, you should.

    And since the Pixi has gotten rid of the ball, it makes me believe that Palm has no intention of adding a trackball. Too bad though...I would sure like one. It would make video game controls a little easier.
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    I just wish it were 3/8" wider, which would let them make the keyboard far more usable, with slightly larger keys and more space between them. Smaller isn't always better.
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    Wow, I didn't think about alot of that stuff.

    I want the keyboard on the side still, and a virtual one for portrait. I know about the virtual keyboard homebrew and it has a ways to go, but only in the way of polish.

    I'd like the option to have a micro sd on the device but I can live without it. It should be added however as this would please a lot of people.

    @Wendellp: how could you say that? I think I'm going to cry. That's my favorite part of the phone...

    @meyerweb: Even just an extra key size wider or less indented into the phone like it is.

    @wynand32: I'm teling you man, that trackball would only be good for navigating and could double as the center button if need be. Sometimes I wanna scroll with one hand without blocking my view of the screen and i think the trackball would fix that.
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    Well the only things I would like 2 see is sending files through bluetooth and a password app that lets you choose which app you want a password on bcuz its kinda annoying having 2 put my code in jus 2 check my calender
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    The phone needs a larger screen!!! right now its decent...but seriously...I couldnt care less how good the phone feels in my hand as long as there is a large(3.5+, glass) screen!! think touch pro 2, HTC Leo...

    The hardware...the phone feels cheap. Ill admit when its clean it looks like a really nice(not great) device but after a few swipes, scrolling, touches..the phone looks cheap.

    The keyboard...could we get a physical one in landscape? Please!
    Imagine running webos in landscape with a full can only dream..

    enough with the rubbery keys!! ...they are...usable...but thats it

    Expandable memory...Palm you were always about innovation...what happened??? ..8gb is not enough for todays average 21 yr old...if you are too concerned about the size of the phone fine..Ill take 16gb but thats a minimum

    well thats enough for right now...Palm I really love WebOS...I dont think I could go back to any other OS but youre not the only one working hard trying to beat the competition and an HTC sounding real nice right now
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    How about a case made of antenna material?
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    A memore slot would be nice. I would trade the phone being slightly bigger for storage and a wider keyboard (although after a few days typing isn't bad on it at all). I wonder what it would be like if it were made of aluminum (but with how warm the backside gets depending on what chips are running, that may not have been a good thing).

    I'm torn on the keyboard being portrait or landscape, but I must say I've gotten used to it being as is. a soft keyboard would fix things right up. I would also move the usb connector to the left of the phone, making it less cumbersome to hold and use while charging.
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    OP: I'm glad that you don't work on the hardware design team for Palm.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Xyg View Post
    OP: I'm glad that you don't work on the hardware design team for Palm.
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    I would love for the Pre to not have a hardware keyboard. Just put a virtual keyboard on there...

    The screen is a little small. I would prefer 3.5 inches with a tempered glass overlay.

    How about a less obese phone? Like around 11.6 mm... come on Palm!!!!

    Also, could I possibly have some sort of fruit on the back of my phone? It would be so hot... I'm just saying...
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    How about we just wait until Pre 2.0 LOL..I can see it now..the "Prixi"...

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