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    Sprint Cuts Palm Pre to $99 | Technology | Financial Articles & Investing News |

    oh wait, no nevermind.

    Sprint Pulls $99 Palm Pre Special Offer | John Paczkowski | Digital Daily | AllThingsD

    After 2 Pre's, niether of which lasted past lunch time and one with the screen crack problem, I was running home to Blackberry faster than you could say slide out keyboard. Seeing garbage like this reaffirms my decision.

    If thereís a Guinness World Record for shortest-lived promotional offer by a wireless carrier, Sprintís (S) surely a front-runner for it Just six or so hours after offering a $100 service credit to new subscribers who purchase a Palm (PALM) Pre and port their number over from another carrier, Sprint cancelled it. Below, the companyís official statement on the matter:

    After further internal review today, the offer of a port-in service credit of $100 to new customers who buy the Palm Pre has been pulled, because it was put into the system in error.

    The company tells me they will honor their obligation to anyone who purchased a Pre during the brief window in which this offer was open.

    Unbeleivable. What a Keystone Kops-style marketing blunder.
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    If the stock price does drop, I may use that opportunity to buy some.
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    To each his own. I have a launch phone that is holding up well. Still feels brand new.
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    Just for kicks, I called today Bell Canada and asked them what will happen if they lower the Pre price to $99 next week, instead of $199 (what I paid few days ago). They told me in nice words that I'm screwed and that they will not honor the new price, even if is less then 30 days.

    So you guys are lucky to get an additional discount. I'm pretty sure it will come back.
    At least I got $100 worth of free accessories, so I feel better...
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    Obvious troll is obvious.

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