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    I keep mine in the open position all the time and it fixed the oreo issue....haven't had an issue since.
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    ok so this does work "kind of" i think the original poster was on to something but not totally correct. to tighten your oreo all you have to do is put slight pressure on the top half of the phone from left to right, everytime you close it. kind of slide it on an angle. in a week you will see the difference. i have had 2 pre's now, but the same thing, the first one i had for 3 months, and it started out wobbly and was super tight at the end (thats what she said)

    what i do is kinda grab upper left hand part of the screen with a finger, then grip the bottom right hand part with my thumb, and give it a slight twist when i close it everytime.
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    Hey guys... I was the "original discoverer" of this fix. Glad it's made a difference for some people. I've posted this fix (among others) in my blog at the address below:

    Totally Palmed: DON'T RETURN IT! Simple and Easy Fixes for the Palm Pre

    @oasis9389 - Nice observation. I had noticed this also: it seems as though the Pre's rail system is asymmetrical from left to right, as you pointed out. I'll add that to my blog, if it's okay with you.

    If any of you have any additional fixes you've discovered, please leave a comment on the blog and I'll be happy to add them to you (with proper credit given to their discoverers!)
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    this does not work!
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    Quote Originally Posted by briggsie View Post
    this does not work!
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    The only thing that has actually worked for me was to screw in the top screws slightly. It hasn't completely fixed the wobble, but it did make it better.
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    This four points of pressure technique certainly had no positive effect, and may
    have made it worse on my phone. I'm wondering if everyone here realizes exactly
    what the "oreo effect" is. It's not just a little wobble in the tracks when it's closed.
    It's when the screen half of the phone actually lifts up from the bottom half
    at least 1mm and rotates clockwise 1-3mm. It feels and looks distinctly like
    the screen half is eventually going to separate from the bottom completely
    (although that's very unlikely. Instead it just causes the slider to jam)

    I really wouldn't care about the oreo effect at all if it wasn't also
    starting to jam the slider when I try to open the phone one handed with
    my right thumb from anywhere below the middle of the screen. Pushing above
    the middle keeps the top of the screen from lifting so everything stays aligned on
    the tracks and it slides straight up, but it's harder to get a good angle with
    your thumb pressing there, and sometimes just slides off the phone (especially with
    a screen protector).
    Pressing below the middle (and especially down near the gesture area),
    the thumb pressure tends to push the bottom half to the left, the whole
    screen half pivots around the two tabs on the rails, and that immediately
    lifts and rotates the top half to the right into the oreo effect position, and
    now the tabs jam on the slider (because they're no longer aligned with each
    other from side to side, or the rail itself). If I try to slide the phone
    open with my right thumb just above the button in the
    gesture area, it jams into oreo position instantly. Not even a click as it
    separates the halves. It just just smoothly twists the phone halves and jams the
    sliders. It didn't do that when new, but it didn't take more than 2 weeks before it did.
    I haven't dropped the phone.

    I do find it interesting that there are two fixes posted
    that involve bending the rails themselves, that are exactly opposite each other.
    One has you bending the rails upwards (toward the back of the phone),
    the other downwards toward the screen. In neither is it really clear whether
    it should be done with the phone slid open or closed, or how much of the rail
    should be bent. Depending on where along the rail you're bending it,
    both fixes could be mutually exclusive, but the descriptions and those blury
    photos are pretty ambiguous.

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    All the Pre builds are eventually going to end up like this. If it bothers you so much, I'd recommend a down grade to a Pixi when it's out. Test the builds, etc and see how you like it. Seems pretty solid.
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    Had no effect for me.
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    EXCELLENT! I did the 4 fingers on each corner, slid it up slowly twice, now it has a barely noticeable wig. Far better than what it was. I won't have to bother going back to Sprint.

    So now, where is 1.2 anyways????
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    Quote Originally Posted by DSPKweb View Post
    I keep mine in the open position all the time and it fixed the oreo issue....haven't had an issue since.
    What case are you using for that?
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